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A High Resolution Pressure-Based Method for Compressible Fluid Flow

M.H. Djavareshkian1
1 Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran.

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2005, 1(4), 329-342.


A pressure-based Euler scheme, based on a collocated grid arrangement is described. The newly developed algorithm has two new prominent features: (i) the use of normalized variables to bound the convective fluxes and (ii) the use of a high-resolution scheme in calculating interface density values to enhance the shock-capturing property of the algorithm. The algorithm is first tested for flows at different Mach numbers ranging from subsonic to supersonic on a bump in a channel geometry; then the results are compared with the corresponding ones obtained without the bounded scheme in the correction step. The output is also compared with data predicted by TVD schemes based on characteristic variables. These comparisons prove the boundedness in prediction and correction steps leads to sharp shocks and better resolution. The method is finally validated for external flow. The results of this scheme on C mesh are compared with another numerical solution and experiment data for the cases of incompressible, transonic and supersonic flows around airfoil NACA0012. According to the comparisons the resolution quality of present numerical model is considerable.


Normalized Variable Diagram, SBIC, Pressure-based, Aerodynamic Coefficients.

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Djavareshkian, M. (2005). A High Resolution Pressure-Based Method for Compressible Fluid Flow. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 1(4), 329–342.

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