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Pendulum Thermal Vibrational Convection in a Liquid Layer with Internal Heat Generation

V.G. Kozlov1, N.V. Selin2

Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics RAS, Perm, Russia.
Perm State Pedagogical University, Perm, Russia.

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2006, 2(2), 107-118.


Thermal vibrational convection in a sector of a thin spherical liquid layer subjected to pendulum vibrations (spherical pendulum) is investigated theoretically and experimentally. Temperature non-uniformity inside the liquid is caused by uniformly distributed internal heat sources (one side of the layer is isothermal, the other one is adiabatic). Experiments are carried out under conditions of stable temperature stratification in the gravity field. Heat transfer and convective structure are investigated in a wide interval of governing dimensionless parameters. A critical increase of heat transfer is revealed as the vibrations intensity is increased, caused by average convection. It is shown that thermal convection is connected to the action of various thermo-vibrational mechanisms; the experimental threshold of convective stability is in good agreement with a theoretically determined one. Alongside with the thermal vibrational convection the occurrence of regular spatial structures which are not connected with temperature distribution is found and described.


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Kozlov, V., Selin, N. (2006). Pendulum Thermal Vibrational Convection in a Liquid Layer with Internal Heat Generation. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 2(2), 107–118.

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