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Magnetic Fluid Based Squeeze Film behavior between curved circular Plates and Surface Roughness Effect

Nikhilkumar D. Abhangi1, G. M. Deheri1

1 Department of Mathematics, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar-388120, Gujarat, India

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2009, 5(3), 245-260.


Efforts have been directed to study and analyze the behavior of a magnetic-fluid-based squeeze film between curved rough circular plates when the curved upper plate (with surface determined by an exponential expression) approaches the stationary curved lower plate (with surface governed by a secant function). A magnetic fluid is used as the lubricant in the presence of an external magnetic field oblique to the radial axis. The bearing surfaces are assumed to be transversely rough and the related roughness is characterized via a stochastic random variable with non-zero mean variance and skewness. The associated Reynolds equation is averaged with respect to the random roughness parameter; then the related non-dimensional differential equation is solved with suitable boundary conditions in dimensionless form to obtain the pressure distribution, such a distribution being necessary for determining the expression of load carrying capacity and ensuing calculation of the response time. The results, presented graphically, indicate that the bearing system displays considerably improved performances as compared to bearing systems working with conventional lubricants. It is seen that the pressure, load carrying capacity and the response time increase with increasing the magnetization parameter. In particular, the load carrying capacity increases with respect to the upper plate's curvature parameter, while a symmetric distribution takes place with regard to the lower plate's curvature parameter. Even if the effect of transverse roughness is adverse in general, this investigation offers some indications for obtaining better performance in the case of negatively skewed roughness (by suitably choosing the curvature parameters of both the plates).


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Abhangi, N. D., Deheri, G. M. (2009). Magnetic Fluid Based Squeeze Film behavior between curved circular Plates and Surface Roughness Effect. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 5(3), 245–260.

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