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Lubrication of Asymmetric Rollers Using Roelands Viscosity–Pressure-Temperature Relationship

Swetha Lanka1, Venkata Subrahmanyam Sajja1,*, Dhaneshwar Prasad2

1 Department of Engineering Mathematics, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, 522502, India
2 Department of Mathematics, Kanchi Mamunivar Government Institute for Post Graduate Studies and Research, Puducherry, 605008, India

* Corresponding Author: Venkata Subrahmanyam Sajja. Email: email

Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer 2023, 21, 385-405.


An attempt is made to analyse some lubrication characteristics of rigid cylindrical asymmetric rollers under adiabatic and isothermal boundaries with rolling and sliding motion lubricated by a non-Newtonian incompressible Bingham plastic fluid under the behaviour of line contact. Here the lower surface is considered to move quicker than that of the upper surface; and the Roelands viscosity model is considered and assumed to depend upon the fluid pressure and the mean film temperature. The governing equations for fluid flow such as equations of motion with continuity and the momentum energy equation are solved using Runge-Kutta forth order and MATLAB is employed to solve these equations. Through graphs and tables for Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, the several crucial bearing characteristics including velocity, pressure, viscosity, mean temperature, load and traction are examined and a significant change is observed among them. The findings presented here are qualitatively consistent with the existing literature.


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Lanka, S., Sajja, V. S., Prasad, D. (2023). Lubrication of Asymmetric Rollers Using Roelands Viscosity–Pressure-Temperature Relationship. Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer, 21(1), 385–405.

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