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Hysteresis Compensation of Dynamic Systems Using Neural Networks

Jun Oh Jang*

Department of Software Engineering, Uiduk University, Gyeongju City, 380004, Korea

* Corresponding Author: Jun Oh Jang. Email: email

Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing 2022, 31(1), 481-494.


A neural networks(NN) hysteresis compensator is proposed for dynamic systems. The NN compensator uses the back-stepping scheme for inverting the hysteresis nonlinearity in the feed-forward path. This scheme provides a general step for using NN to determine the dynamic pre-inversion of the reversible dynamic system. A tuning algorithm is proposed for the NN hysteresis compensator which yields a stable closed-loop system. Nonlinear stability proofs are provided to reveal that the tracking error is small. By increasing the gain we can reduce the stability radius to some extent. PI control without hysteresis compensation requires much higher gains to achieve similar performance. It is not easy to guarantee the stability of such highly nonlinear dynamical system if only a PI controller is used. Initializing the NN weights is simple. The initial weights of hidden layer are randomly selected and initial weights of output layer are set to zero. A PI loop with integerted an unity gain feedforward path keeps the system stable until the NN starts learning. Simulation results show its efficacy of the NN hysteresis compensator on a system. This work is applicable to xy table-like precision control system and also shows neural network stability proofs. Moreover, the NN hysteresis compensation can be further extended and applied to dead-zone, backlash, and other actuator nonlinear compensation.


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J. Oh Jang, "Hysteresis compensation of dynamic systems using neural networks," Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, vol. 31, no.1, pp. 481–494, 2022.

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