Recent Studies in Meshless & Other Novel Computational Methods

Recent Studies in Meshless & Other Novel Computational Methods

Edited by Bozidar Sarler and S. N. Atluri

Meshless methods belong to one of the most progressively developed aspects of computer modeling in engineering and sciences. Therefore, the number of new results in this field is growing significantly during the past few years. It is a natural need to consolidate these results in to Monographs of this type, to promote the further development of meshless methods.

Chapter Titles:

I Petrov-Galerkin finite element and MPS flow simulations 
II A numerical scheme based on local integrated RBFNs and Cartesian grids for solving second-order elliptic problems in two dimensions
III Hybrid analytical-numerical system of mushy steel deformation
IV Assurance of accuracy
V Multilayer MFS for Stokes problems
VI A Cartesian-grid integrated-RBF Galerkin technique
VII Proficiency wavelet packet transform

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