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Manuscript Submission

Journal on Big Data

ISSN: 2579-0048 (Print)

ISSN: 2579-0056 (Online)

Manuscript Submission: 

Papers should be submitted only in electronic form, only through the journal's online paper-submission & tracking system, at

Along with the manuscript, please submit a cover letter which includes: 

(i) A statement that the paper represents original work by the authors, and the work has not been published, nor is being submitted for publication elsewhere; 

(ii) A statement stating all authors approve the submission; and 

(iii) permission for publication, if needed, has already been obtained from appropriate sources. 

Papers must be written in standard grammatical English; this is the responsibility of the author. The author(s) transfer(s) the copyright of their article to Tech Science Press effective if and when the article is accepted for publication. The copyright covers the exclusive and unlimited rights to reproduce and distribute the article in any form of reproduction (printing, electronic media or any other form); it also covers translation rights for all languages and countries. For U.S. authors the copyright is transferred to the extent transferable.

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