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Based on Compressed Sensing of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Algorithm Image Recovery

Caifeng Cheng1,2, Deshu Lin3,*

1 School of Electronics and Information, Yangtze University, Jingzhou, 434023, China
2 College of Engineering and Technology, Yangtze University, Jingzhou, 434020, China
3 School of Computer Science, Yangtze University, Jingzhou, 434023, China

* Corresponding Author: Deshu Lin. Email:

Journal on Internet of Things 2020, 2(1), 37-45.


Compressive sensing theory mainly includes the sparsely of signal processing, the structure of the measurement matrix and reconstruction algorithm. Reconstruction algorithm is the core content of CS theory, that is, through the low dimensional sparse signal recovers the original signal accurately. This thesis based on the theory of CS to study further on seismic data reconstruction algorithm. We select orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm as a base reconstruction algorithm. Then do the specific research for the implementation principle, the structure of the algorithm of AOMP and make the signal simulation at the same time. In view of the OMP algorithm reconstruction speed is slow and the problems need to be a given number of iterations, which developed an improved scheme. We combine the optimized OMP algorithm of constraint the optimal matching of item selection strategy, the backwards gradient projection ideas of adaptive variance step gradient projection method and the original algorithm to improve it. Simulation experiments show that improved OMP algorithm is superior to traditional OMP algorithm of improvement in the reconstruction time and effect under the same condition. This paper introduces CS and most mature compressive sensing algorithm at present orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm. Through the program design realize basic orthogonal matching pursuit algorithms, and design realize basic orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm of one-dimensional, two-dimensional signal processing simulation.


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C. Cheng and D. Lin, "Based on compressed sensing of orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm image recovery," Journal on Internet of Things, vol. 2, no.1, pp. 37–45, 2020.


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