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Grover’s Algorithm in a 4-Qubit Search Space

Saasha Joshi*, Deepti Gupta

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh, 160014, India

* Corresponding Author: Saasha Joshi. Email:

Journal of Quantum Computing 2021, 3(4), 137-150.


This paper provides an introduction to a quantum search algorithm, known as Grover’s Algorithm, for unsorted search purposes. The algorithm is implemented in a search space of 4 qubits using the Python-based Qiskit SDK by IBM. While providing detailed proof, the computational complexity of the algorithm is generalized to n qubits. The implementation results obtained from the IBM QASM Simulator and IBMQ Santiago quantum backend are analyzed and compared. Finally, the paper discusses the challenges faced in implementation and real-life applications of the algorithm hitherto. Overall, the implementation and analysis depict the advantages of this quantum search algorithm over its classical counterparts.


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S. Joshi and . D. Gupta, "Grover’s algorithm in a 4-qubit search space," Journal of Quantum Computing, vol. 3, no.4, pp. 137–150, 2021.

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