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Self-Cross-Linked Tannin-Aminated Tannin Surface Coatings for Particleboard

Bengang Zhang1,*, Antonio Pizzi2,*, Mathieu Petrissans1, Anelie Petrissans1, Colin Baptiste1

1 LERMAB, I.U.T. Hubert Curien, University of Lorraine, Épinal, 88000, France
2 LERMAB-ENSTIB, University of Lorraine, Epinal, 88000, France

* Corresponding Authors: Bengang Zhang. Email: bengang email; Antonio Pizzi. Email: email

Journal of Renewable Materials 2023, 11(12), 4097-4121.


Aminated tannins were prepared by reacting mimosa condensed tannin extract with ammonia yielding the substitution of many, if not all of the tannin hydroxyl groups with –NH2 groups. A tannin-aminated tannin (ATT) particleboard coating was then prepared by reacting raw tannin extract with aminated tannin extract and thus cross-liking the two by substituting tannin’s hydroxyl groups with the –NH2 groups on the aminated tannin to form –NH-bridges between the two. The resulting particleboard coating gave encouraging results when pressed at 180°C for 3 min. Conversely, the system in which tannin was reacted/cross-liked with urea (ATU) by a similar amination reaction did not perform as well as the ATT system, and this even when a higher curing temperature and longer hot press time were used. In particular its water repellence was worse probably due to the presence of urea and such a system lower reactivity. Nonetheless, substituting the tannin –OHs with the urea –NH2 groups appeared to also take place. ATT gave better results than ATU as regards water repellence and mechanical resistance as shown by the cross cut test. The ATT system was shown to be between 95% and 98% biosourced. The difference appeared to be due, by TMA analysis, to the much faster formation of the ATT hardened network leading to a better cross-linked polymer coating. The chemical species formed for both the ATT and ATU system were studied by MALDI ToF and CP MAS 13C NMR.


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Zhang, B., Pizzi, A., Petrissans, M., Petrissans, A., Baptiste, C. (2023). Self-cross-linked tannin-aminated tannin surface coatings for particleboard. Journal of Renewable Materials, 11(12), 4097-4121.
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Zhang B, Pizzi A, Petrissans M, Petrissans A, Baptiste C. Self-cross-linked tannin-aminated tannin surface coatings for particleboard. J Renew Mater. 2023;11(12):4097-4121
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B. Zhang, A. Pizzi, M. Petrissans, A. Petrissans, and C. Baptiste "Self-Cross-Linked Tannin-Aminated Tannin Surface Coatings for Particleboard," J. Renew. Mater., vol. 11, no. 12, pp. 4097-4121. 2023.

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