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Thiol-yne Reaction of Alkyne-d erivatized Fatty Acids: Thiol-Reactive Linear Polyurethane

Rodolfo J. González-Paz, Gerard Lligadas*, Juan C. Ronda, Marina Galià, Virginia Cádiz

Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Department, Rovira i Virgili University, C/Marcel.lí Domingo s/n, 43007, Tarragona, Spain

* Corresponding Author: email

Journal of Renewable Materials 2013, 1(3), 187-194.


A thiol-reactive linear polyurethane was synthesized from a vinyl-sulphide-containing diol and a commercial diisocyanate. The diol was obtained from 10-undecynol, an alkyne-derivatized fatty compound, using hydrothiolation as a key reaction step. 10-Undecynol was prepared by reduction of 10-undecinoic acid methyl ester, which was prepared by successive bromation, dehydrobromination of the corresponding alkenic fatty acid. Solution and surface polymer modifi cation with a fl uorescent thiol was successful.


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González-Paz, R. J., Lligadas, G., Ronda, J. C., Galià, M., Cádiz, V. (2013). Thiol-yne Reaction of Alkyne-d erivatized Fatty Acids: Thiol-Reactive Linear Polyurethane. Journal of Renewable Materials, 1(3), 187–194.

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