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Synthesis of Resins with Ozonized Sunfl ower Oil and Radiata Pine Tannins

M.Thébault*, A.Pizzi, E.Fredon

LERMAB, University of Lorraine, Epinal, France

* Corresponding Author: email

Journal of Renewable Materials 2013, 1(4), 242-252.


Sunfl ower oil was subjected to a fl ow of compressed air containing ozone for different time periods. The addition of α-D-Glucose was used to increase the aldehyde content by reduction of the intermediate ozonides of the ozonation reaction. These new oils were analyzed by FTIR and GC-MS spectrometry, and their relative aldehyde groups content measured by the Henick method. They were then mixed with an aqueous solution of Radiata Pine tannin to form resins, subsequently analyzed by 13C NMR and MALDITOF mass spectrometry. Wood particleboards were then made using some of these resins as the adhesive, and their internal bond (IB) strength measured.


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, M., , A., , E. (2013). Synthesis of Resins with Ozonized Sunfl ower Oil and Radiata Pine Tannins. Journal of Renewable Materials, 1(4), 242–252.

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