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Mass Transger in an Eccentric Annular Region Through Diffusion

Umadevi. B, Dinesh P.A., Indira R., Vinay. C.V

Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics 2014, 11(2), 101-111.


The mass transfer in an eccentric annular region through diffusion by taking blood as a Newtonian fluid with the investigation of oxygen transfer and drug transport to the tissue cells in an eccentric catheterized artery is studied. The region bounded by eccentric circles in x-y plane is mapped conformally to concentric circles in \(\xi -\eta\) plane using a conformal mapping \(z = \lambda /1 - \zeta\). The resulting governing equations are analytically solved by using transformation for the concentration. Numerical computations are carried out to understand the simultaneous~effects of absorption parameter and eccentricity on the flow. ~The observation through the numerical computation reveals that, as absorption parameter and eccentricity enhances, the solute concentration diminishes. This mathematical model provides an insight for physiologists to understand the drug transport to the tissues in various clinical treatments of cardiovascular diseases.


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B,, U. (2014). Mass Transger in an Eccentric Annular Region Through Diffusion. Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, 11(2), 101–111.

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