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Modeling Ultrasonic Transient Scattering from Biological Tissues Including their Dispersive Properties Directly in the Time Domain

G.V. Norton*, J.C. Novarini
* Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center, MS, USA.
Planning Systems Inc., 21294 Johnson Rd, Long Beach, MS, USA.

Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics 2007, 4(2), 75-86.


Ultrasonic imaging in medical applications involves propagation and scattering of acoustic waves within and by biological tissues that are intrinsically dispersive. Analytical approaches for modeling propagation and scattering in inhomogeneous media are difficult and often require extremely simplifying approximations in order to achieve a solution. To avoid such approximations, the direct numerical solution of the wave equation via the method of finite differences offers the most direct tool, which takes into account diffraction and refraction. It also allows for detailed modeling of the real anatomic structure and combination/layering of tissues. In all cases the correct inclusion of the dispersive properties of the tissues can make the difference in the interpretation of the results. However, the inclusion of dispersion directly in the time domain proved until recently to be an elusive problem. In order to model the transient signal a convolution operator that takes into account the dispersive characteristics of the medium is introduced to the linear wave equation. To test the ability of this operator to handle scattering from localized scatterers, in this work, two-dimensional numerical modeling of scattering from an infinite cylinder with physical properties associated with biological tissue is calculated. The numerical solutions are compared with the exact solution synthesized from the frequency domain for a variety of tissues having distinct dispersive properties. It is shown that in all cases, the use of the convolutional propagation operator leads to the correct solution for the scattered field.


Acoustics, Finite-Difference, Time-Domain, Ultrasonic, Dispersion.

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Norton, G., Novarini, J. (2007). Modeling Ultrasonic Transient Scattering from Biological Tissues Including their Dispersive Properties Directly in the Time Domain. Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, 4(2), 75–86.

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