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Value of Mir-1271 and GPC3 in Prognosis Evaluation of Liver Cancer Patients after Liver Transarterial Chemoembolization

Xin Chang1,2,#,*, Jin Wang2,#, Caifang Ni1

1 Department of Intervention Section, The First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University, Suzhou, 215006, China
2 Department of Ultrasound, Lishui Branch, CUHK Affiliated Hospital of Southeast University, Nanjing, 211002, China

* Corresponding Author: Xin Chang. Email: email

Oncologie 2021, 23(1), 119-130.


Objective: This research was designed to observe the value of miR-1271 and GPC3 in evaluating the prognosis of liver cancer (LC) patients after liver transarterial chemoembolization (TACE). Methods: A total of 80 patients diagnosed as LC in our hospital from January 2018 to April 2019 were included in the LC group (LCG), and then assigned into a survival group (SG) and a death group (DG) based on prognosis. Seventy healthy subjects undergoing physical examination simultaneously were included in the normal group (NG). miR-1271 and GPC3 in serum of two groups of subjects were tested via qRT-PCR. ROC curve was drawn. The prognostic factors were assessed via multivariate Cox regression analysis. Results: The expression of miR-1271 in the LCG was notably lower than the NG, while GPC3 expression in the LCG was notably higher (P < 0.001). Patients with low miR-1271 expression and high GPC3 expression had a higher incidence of low differentiation, grade III+IV, lymphatic invasion and distant metastasis (P < 0.05). Both AUC of miR-1271 and GPC3 single diagnosis were higher than 0.8. The relative expression of serum miR-1271 in the SG was markedly higher than the DG, while that of serum GPC3 in the SG was markedly lower (both P < 0.001). ROC was drawn. The AUC of serum miR-1271 and GPC3 in diagnosing prognosis were higher than 0.8, and there was no marked difference in sensitivity and specificity. Cox regression analysis was performed on 5-year survival, and the results manifested that miR-1271 was an independent factor affecting prognosis. Conclusion: miR-1271 and GPC3 may be implicated in LC development and metastasis, and can be employed as potential serum biomarkers for post-TACE evaluation.


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Chang, X., Wang, J., Ni, C. (2021). Value of Mir-1271 and GPC3 in Prognosis Evaluation of Liver Cancer Patients after Liver Transarterial Chemoembolization. Oncologie, 23(1), 119–130.


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