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Variability of Baccharis crispa Spreng. wild populations in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina

Chaves AG, PC Brunetti, Y Massuh, SF Ocaño, LE Torres, MS Ojeda

Cátedra de Genética, Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Ing. Agr. Felix Aldo Marrone 746, Ciudad Universitaria, C.C. 509, C.P. 5000, Córdoba, Argentina.

* Corresponding Author:Address Correspondence to: Ing. Agr. Mgter. Ana Guadalupe Chaves. Tel: +54 351 4334117 int. 408/305, e-mail:

Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany 2014, 83(all), 145-153.


Baccharis crispa Spreng., "Carqueja", is found among the medicinal plants of Argentina, registered in the pharmacopoeia, the species. It is a rhizomatous dioic subshrub, with branches provided with three wings, 2 to 6 mm wide. According to the Conservation Priority Index (developed for the Paravachasca Valley of the Province of Córdoba), the carqueja is third in order of importance as a priority for conservation. In general, conservation includes the preservation and sustainable use of genetic resources, protecting their variability, which is essential for their maintenance. The aim of this study was to determine the existence of variability, from morphological, chemical, and edaphic data among wild populations of Baccharis crispa in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina. We confirmed the existence of variability among the study populations, and determined the variables that allowed their differentiation. It was found that the three sets of the studied variables had a significant consensus degree to discriminate among the four evaluated populations.


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AG, C., Brunetti, P., Massuh, Y., Ocaño, S., Torres, L. et al. (2014). Variability of Baccharis crispa Spreng. wild populations in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina. Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, 83(all), 145–153.


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