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Early testing of S1 lines of maize

Salinas Jiménez V, JC Raya Pérez, CL Aguirre Mancilla, F Chablé Moreno, JG Ramírez Pimentel, G García Rodríguez, J Covarrubias Prieto

Tecnológico Nacional de México, Instituto Tecnológico de Roque, División de Estudios de Posgrado e Investigación. Km 8 Carretera Celaya– Juventino Rosas, C.P. 38110, Celaya, Gto., México.

Address correspondence to: J. Covarrubias Prieto, e-mail: email

Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany 2016, 85(all), 203-209.


Eighty S1 maize (Zea mays L.) lines derived from halfsib families with good yield potential (greater than landraces in the region) were evaluated, with the purpose of selecting outstanding lines. Native populations are a source of germplasm for genetic improvement through selection and hybridization. Analysis of variance showed highly significant differences between the lines S1 in the variables days to anthesis (FM), silking date (FF), plant height (Apl), ear height (Amz), leaves above ear (NHEmz), ear length (Lmz), row number (Nhil), kernels per row (Ghil), total kernels per ear (TGmz) and grain yield (Rend). All variables showed high variability, an expected result given the origin of the evaluated genotypes. Mean comparisons showed seven statistical groups for FF, with an interval of 77-87 days and 14 statistical groups for FM, with an interval of 70-86 days. For the variable AMz a variation of 91.4 to 154.6 cm was observed. In LESP, the length range was 29.4 to 50.6 cm. For the variable Rend, the genotype seven yielded of 14.65 t/ha, which was statistically superior to genotype 81, the control check, with 12.38 t/ ha. Early testing identified inbred lines with good agronomic characteristics and high yield potential. It is considered as an appropriate method in a corn breeding program for eliminating lines with low yield potential at an early stage of development of inbred lines.


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V, S. J., Pérez, J. R., Mancilla, C. A., Moreno, F. C., Pimentel, J. R. et al. (2016). Early testing of S1 lines of maize. Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, 85(all), 203–209.

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