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Genetic stability of a synthetic variety

Rodríguez-Pérez JE, J Sahagún-Castellanos, JL Escalante-González, JJ López-Reynoso, C V illanueva-Verduzco

Instituto de Horticultura. Departamento de Fitotecnia. Universidad Autónoma Chapingo. Km 38,5 carretera México-Texcoco. C.P. 56230. Chapingo, Estado de México. México.

Address correspondence to: Jaime Sahagún-Castellanos, phone 52-595-9521500 ext. 6185, e-mail: email

Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany 2017, 86(all), 224-227.


Synthetic varieties (SVs) have been assumed to be genetically stable populations through generations. However, it has been recognized that the randomness of the genetic mechanism, the presence of parents with heterozygous genotypes, and the finite sample sizes of the individuals that represent each parent of a SV may cause gene loss, which may make it difficult to obtain the expected genotypic array of a given SV. To study this issue, the number of non-identical by descent (NIBD) genes in the sample of m plants of each parental line was considered as a random variable (Ym). The objectives were: (1) to determine the mean [E(Ym)] and variance[Var(Ym)] of Ym, and (2) to calculate the average loss of NIBD genes of each parent (ΔNIBD). Parents were assumed unrelated and their assumed inbreeding coefficient was F. It was found that E(Ym) and Var(Ym) were 2–Fm and Fm(1–Fm), respectively, and that ΔNIBD was Fm. Evidently this gene loss was larger as m was smaller and F increased when F < 1. Furthermore, if F < 1 the mean tended to 2 as m was larger, whereas the variance and gene loss tended to 0. Finally, if parents are pure lines (F=1) or m is large, Var(Ym) and ΔNIBD reduce to 0.


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JE, R., Sahagún-Castellanos, J., Escalante-González, J., López-Reynoso, J., illanueva-Verduzco, C.V. (2017). Genetic stability of a synthetic variety. Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, 86(all), 224-227.
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JE R, Sahagún-Castellanos J, Escalante-González J, López-Reynoso J, illanueva-Verduzco CV. Genetic stability of a synthetic variety. Phyton-Int J Exp Bot. 2017;86(all):224-227
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R. JE, J. Sahagún-Castellanos, J. Escalante-González, J. López-Reynoso, and C.V. illanueva-Verduzco "Genetic stability of a synthetic variety," Phyton-Int. J. Exp. Bot., vol. 86, no. all, pp. 224-227. 2017.

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