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  • On Fractional Integro-Differential Equation with Nonlinear Time Varying Delay
  • Abstract In this manuscript, we analyze the solution for class of linear and nonlinear Caputo fractional Volterra Fredholm integro-differential equations with nonlinear time varying delay. Also, we demonstrate the stability analysis for these equations. Our paper provides a convergence of semi-analytical approximate method for these equations. It would be desirable to point out approximate results.
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  • Preliminary Archaeoacoustic Study of Kanheri Caves in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)
  • Abstract Here we report first ever study on acoustical evaluation of Kanheri Caves located in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai (Maharashtra, India). These caves are dated to a period between 2nd century BCE to 7th century CE. In this study we used an ambisonic recorder to capture Impulse Response, which carries acoustic signature of the place. Out of total 109 caves 41 were surveyed in available time. Out of those reverberant environment was noted in 12 caves. Measurements were made only in 3 caves (Cave Nos. 1, 3, 11) which are important. In the beginning we carried out an FFT analysis.…
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  • Dimensional Amplitude Response Analysis of Vibrations Produced by Defects in Rolling Contact Bearings
  • Abstract Usage of rolling contact bearings in variety of rotor-dynamic applications has put forth a need to develop a detailed and easy to implement techniques for the assessment of damage related features in these bearings so that before mechanical failure, maintenance actions can be planned well in advance. In accordance to this, a method based on dimensional amplitude response analysis and scaling laws is presented in this paper for the diagnosis of defects in different components of rolling contact bearings in a dimensionally scaled rotor-bearing system. Rotor, bearing, operating and defect parameters involved are detailed for dimensional analysis using frequency domain…
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  • Application of Machine Learning for Tool Condition Monitoring in Turning
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    The machining process is primarily used to remove material using cutting tools. Any variation in tool state affects the quality of a finished job and causes disturbances. So, a tool monitoring scheme (TMS) for categorization and supervision of failures has become the utmost priority. To respond, traditional TMS followed by the machine learning (ML) analysis is advocated in this paper. Classification in ML is supervised based learning method wherein the ML algorithm learn from the training data input fed to it and then employ this model to categorize the new datasets for precise prediction of a class and observation. In…

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  • Free Vibration Analysis of RC Box-Girder Bridges Using FEM
  • Abstract The free vibration analysis of simply supported box-girder bridges is carried out using the finite element method. The fundamental frequency is determined in straight, skew, curved and skew-curved box-girder bridges. It is important to analyse the combined effect of skewness and curvature because skew-curved box-girder bridge behaviour cannot be predicted by simply adding the individual effects of skewness and curvature. At first, an existing model is considered to validate the present approach. A convergence study is carried out to decide the mesh size in the finite element method. An exhaustive parametric study is conducted to determine the fundamental frequency of…
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  • A Suitable Active Control for Suppression the Vibrations of a Cantilever Beam
  • Abstract In our consideration, a comparison between four different types of controllers for suppression the vibrations of the cantilever beam excited by an external force is carried out. Those four types are the linear velocity feedback control, the cubic velocity feedback control, the non-linear saturation controller (NSC) and the positive position feedback (PPF) controller. The suitable type is the PPF controller for suppression the vibrations of the cantilever beam. The approximate solution obtained up to the first approximation by using the multiple scale method. The PPF controller effectiveness is studied on the system. We used frequency-response equations to investigate the stability…
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  • Towards Realistic Vibration Testing of Large Floor Batteries for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)
  • Abstract This contribution shows an analysis of vibration measurement on large floor-mounted traction batteries of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). The focus lies on the requirements for a realistic replication of the mechanical environments in a testing laboratory. Especially the analysis on global bending transfer functions and local corner bending coherence indicate that neither a fully stiff fixation of the battery nor a completely independent movement on the four corners yields a realistic and conservative test scenario. The contribution will further show what implication these findings have on future vibration & shock testing equipment for large traction batteries. Additionally, it will cover…
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  • Combined Effects of Exposure to Noise and Vibration on Human Postural Equilibrium under Simulated Driving Conditions
  • Abstract There is little information about drivers’ body balance responses to combined exposure of noise and vibration. To fill the gap, this study aims to investigate the combined effects of exposure to noise and whole-body vibration (WBV) on the body balance under simulated driving conditions. For this purpose, 30 male participants were exposed to noise level at 85 dB(A) and two vibration levels (0.87 and 1.3 m/s2) in five sessions. The design of the study was repeated-measures, and it attempted to assess the effects of 40 minutes of exposure to noise and/or WBV. Moreover, the participants’ fatigue was measured with the…
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  • An Alternative Algorithm for the Symmetry Classification of Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Abstract This is the first paper on symmetry classification for ordinary differential equations (ODEs) based on Wu’s method. We carry out symmetry classification of two ODEs, named the generalizations of the Kummer-Schwarz equations which involving arbitrary function. First, Lie algorithm is used to give the determining equations of symmetry for the given equations, which involving arbitrary functions. Next, differential form Wu’s method is used to decompose determining equations into a union of a series of zero sets of differential characteristic sets, which are easy to be solved relatively. Each branch of the decomposition yields a class of symmetries and associated parameters.…
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  • Appraisal of Urban Road Traffic Noise in tier-II City (Surat City), India
  • Abstract Urban road traffic noise pollution has always been identified as a severe problem that affects urban populants. In developing nation, road traffic noise pollution depends on the composition of heterogeneous traffic composition. These traffic compositions contain vehicles, which have different sizes, speeds variations, a different dimension of vehicles. Environmental noise measurements have been carried out during day-time and night-time in different locations of tier-II city of India. The noise levels have been continuously measured over 24 h periods using kimo DB 300 class-2 noise level meter. The data contained in this research paper represent 768 measurement hours. All the information…
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