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  • Strategy for Creating AR Applications in Static and Dynamic Environments Using SLAM- and Marker Detector-Based Tracking
  • Abstract Recently, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) has received considerable attention in augmented reality (AR) libraries and applications. Although the assumption of scene rigidity is common in most visual SLAMs, this assumption limits the possibilities of AR applications in various real-world environments. In this paper, we propose a new tracking system that integrates SLAM with a marker detection module for real-time AR applications in static and dynamic environments. Because the proposed system assumes that the marker is movable, SLAM performs tracking and mapping of the static scene except for the marker, and the marker detector estimates the 3-dimensional pose of the…
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  • Skew t Distribution-Based Nonlinear Filter with Asymmetric Measurement Noise Using Variational Bayesian Inference
  • Abstract This paper is focused on the state estimation problem for nonlinear systems with unknown statistics of measurement noise. Based on the cubature Kalman filter, we propose a new nonlinear filtering algorithm that employs a skew t distribution to characterize the asymmetry of the measurement noise. The system states and the statistics of skew t noise distribution, including the shape matrix, the scale matrix, and the degree of freedom (DOF) are estimated jointly by employing variational Bayesian (VB) inference. The proposed method is validated in a target tracking example. Results of the simulation indicate that the proposed nonlinear filter can perform…
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  • Improving Date Fruit Classification Using CycleGAN-Generated Dataset
  • Abstract Dates are an important part of human nutrition. Dates are high in essential nutrients and provide a number of health benefits. Date fruits are also known to protect against a number of diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Date fruits have several sizes, colors, tastes, and values. There are a lot of challenges facing the date producers. One of the most significant challenges is the classification and sorting of dates. But there is no public dataset for date fruits, which is a major limitation in order to improve the performance of convolutional neural networks (CNN) models and avoid the overfitting…
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  • A Lightweight and Robust User Authentication Protocol with User Anonymity for IoT-Based Healthcare
  • Abstract With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), the word “intelligent medical care” has increasingly become a major vision. Intelligent medicine adopts the most advanced IoT technology to realize the interaction between patients and people, medical institutions, and medical equipment. However, with the openness of network transmission, the security and privacy of information transmission have become a major problem. Recently, Masud et al. proposed a lightweight anonymous user authentication protocol for IoT medical treatment, claiming that their method can resist various attacks. However, through analysis of the protocol, we observed that their protocol cannot effectively resist privileged internal attacks,…
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  • On Degenerate Array Type Polynomials
  • Abstract In the paper, with the help of the Faá di Bruno formula and an identity of the Bell polynomials of the second kind, the authors define degenerate λ-array type polynomials, establish two explicit formulas, and present several recurrence relations of degenerate λ-array type polynomials and numbers.
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  • k-Order Fibonacci Polynomials on AES-Like Cryptology
  • Abstract The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the most widely used symmetric cipher today. AES has an important place in cryptology. Finite field, also known as Galois Fields, are cornerstones for understanding any cryptography. This encryption method on AES is a method that uses polynomials on Galois fields. In this paper, we generalize the AES-like cryptology on 2 × 2 matrices. We redefine the elements of k-order Fibonacci polynomials sequences using a certain irreducible polynomial in our cryptology algorithm. So, this cryptology algorithm is called AES-like cryptology on the k-order Fibonacci polynomial matrix.
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  • Game Outlier Behavior Detection System Based on Dynamic Time Warp Algorithm
  • Abstract This paper proposes a methodology for using multi-modal data in gameplay to detect outlier behavior. The proposed methodology collects, synchronizes, and quantifies time-series data from webcams, mouses, and keyboards. Facial expressions are varied on a one-dimensional pleasure axis, and changes in expression in the mouth and eye areas are detected separately. Furthermore, the keyboard and mouse input frequencies are tracked to determine the interaction intensity of users. Then, we apply a dynamic time warp algorithm to detect outlier behavior. The detected outlier behavior graph patterns were the play patterns that the game designer did not intend or play patterns that…
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  • Mu-Net: Multi-Path Upsampling Convolution Network for Medical Image Segmentation
  • Abstract Medical image segmentation plays an important role in clinical diagnosis, quantitative analysis, and treatment process. Since 2015, U-Net-based approaches have been widely used for medical image segmentation. The purpose of the U-Net expansive path is to map low-resolution encoder feature maps to full input resolution feature maps. However, the consecutive deconvolution and convolutional operations in the expansive path lead to the loss of some high-level information. More high-level information can make the segmentation more accurate. In this paper, we propose MU-Net, a novel, multi-path upsampling convolution network to retain more high-level information. The MU-Net mainly consists of three parts: contracting…
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  • Noise Pollution Reduction through a Novel Optimization Procedure in Passive Control Methods
  • Abstract This paper proposes a novel optimization framework in passive control techniques to reduce noise pollution. The geometries of the structures are represented by Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces, which are able to build gap-free Computer-Aided Design models and meanwhile tackle the extraordinary points that are commonly encountered in geometric modelling. The acoustic fields are simulated using the isogeometric boundary element method, and a density-based topology optimization is conducted to optimize distribution of sound-absorbing materials adhered to structural surfaces. The approach enables one to perform acoustic optimization from Computer-Aided Design models directly without needing meshing and volume parameterization, thereby avoiding the geometric errors…
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