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  • Study on Quantum Finance Algorithm: Quantum Monte Carlo Algorithm based on European Option Pricing
  • Abstract As one of the major methods for the simulation of option pricing, Monte Carlo method assumes random fluctuations in the distribution of asset prices. Under certain uncertainties process, different evolution paths could be simulated so as to finally yield the expectation value of the asset price, which requires a lot of simulations to ensure the accuracy based on huge and expensive calculations. In order to solve the above computational problem, quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) has been established and applied in the relevant systems such as European call options. In this work, both MC and QM methods are adopted to simulate…
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  • Research on Service Function Chain Orchestrating Algorithm Based on SDN and NFV
  • Abstract Software defined network (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) have become a new paradigm of a new generation of network architecture. SDN and NFV can effectively improve the flexibility of deploying and managing service function chains (SFCs). By combining SDN and NFV and applying them to the resource orchestration problem of SFC deployment, the three-tier architecture consisting of SDN controller, network function virtualization and physical underlying computing resource layer in the process of heterogeneous network resource mapping is considered. And an optimization algorithm for active control resources based on SDN and NFV is proposed. Firstly, the user’s utility is modeled…
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  • Research on Rainfall Estimation Based on Improved Kalman Filter Algorithm
  • Abstract In order to solve the rainfall estimation error caused by various noise factors such as clutter, super refraction, and raindrops during the detection process of Doppler weather radar. This paper proposes to improve the rainfall estimation model of radar combined with rain gauge which calibrated by common Kalman filter. After data preprocessing, the radar data should be classified according to the precipitation intensity. And then, they are respectively substituted into the improved filter for calibration. The state noise variance and the measurement noise variance can be adaptively calculated and updated according to the input observation data during this process. Then…
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  • A Top-down Method of Extraction Entity Relationship Triples and Obtaining Annotated Data
  • Abstract The extraction of entity relationship triples is very important to build a knowledge graph (KG), meanwhile, various entity relationship extraction algorithms are mostly based on data-driven, especially for the current popular deep learning algorithms. Therefore, obtaining a large number of accurate triples is the key to build a good KG as well as train a good entity relationship extraction algorithm. Because of business requirements, this KG’s application field is determined and the experts’ opinions also must be satisfied. Considering these factors we adopt the top-down method which refers to determining the data schema firstly, then filling the specific data according…
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  • Online News Sentiment Classification Using DistilBERT
  • Abstract The ability of pre-trained BERT model to achieve outstanding performances on many Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks has attracted the attention of researchers in recent times. However, the huge computational and memory requirements have hampered its widespread deployment on devices with limited resources. The concept of knowledge distillation has shown to produce smaller and faster distilled models with less trainable parameters and intended for resource-constrained environments. The distilled models can be fine-tuned with great performance on a wider range of tasks, such as sentiment classification. This paper evaluates the performance of DistilBERT model and other pre-canned text classifiers on a…
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  • Airborne Acoustic Transmission and Terrain Topography at SAINTGITS Amphitheatre: An Analysis of Outdoor Auditory Perception and Comparison of Contour Plots
  • Abstract The arrangement of natural and physical features on the earth’s surface are a few among the countless items that govern the airborne acoustic transmission at boundary layers. In particular, if the acoustic waves are attributes of live concerts at open-air theatres, without losing the sheen and quality, the audience should certainly receive the unbroken depth of the performance. Hence, at all times, it is advisable to analyse the auditory receptiveness, particularly in all intended recreational spaces. The current pandemic circumstances and the mandated COVID-19 prevention protocols encourage gatherings in naturally ventilated outdoor regions than confined indoors. This work predicts and…
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  • Efficacy of Singing Bowls in Childhood Asthma—A Pilot and Feasibility Study
  • Abstract The potential use of sound and vibration for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes remains largely under-explored and under-estimated. Sound and vibrational energy has great positive impact on the mind and body. It could be particularly useful for psychosomatic diseases as a complementary therapy. Singing bowls, the spiritual ancient therapy has been claimed to aid in mind relaxation and painful and inflammatory conditions. Childhood asthma is an inflammatory airway disease and a psychosomatic disorder. The psychological management in it is often neglected leading to under-treatment or a relapse. Hence, we hypothesized that sound therapy with singing bowls might be useful as complementary…
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  • Sensitivity Analysis of Contact Type Vibration Measuring Sensors
  • Abstract With the Internet of Things (IoT) era dawning in, we are surrounded by a plethora of sensors. The present paper focuses on MEMS-based vibration measuring accelerometers, which are ubiquitously present in smartphones, tablets, smartwatches/bands, etc. These contact type vibration sensors have the unique advantage of being very small, low cost, low power, less weighing, and easily accommodatable in electronics. However, the accuracy of these sensors needs to be quantified with respect to more accurate sensors. With this objective, the paper presents a comparison of the relative sensitivity of a MEMS-based accelerometer (MPU 6050), a Geophone, and a sensor from Xiaomi…
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