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Assessment of Traffic Noise Pollution in Burla Town, India; An Inclusive Annoyance Study

A. K. Sahu1, M. Pradhan1, C. R. Mohanty2, P. K. Pradhan1,*

1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, VSSUT, Burla, Odisha, 768018, India
2 Department of Civil Engineering, PMEC, Berhampur, Odisha, 761003, India

* Corresponding Author: P. K. Pradhan. Email:

Sound & Vibration 2020, 54(1), 27-42.


Noise pollution is one of the major public health problems in urban areas throughout the world. Noise is unwanted sound which produces undesirable problems in day to day life of human being (e.g., physiological and psychological problems). Rapid increase of the industrialization, urbanization, infrastructure, volume of motor vehicles, and increase in the road networks brought noise pollution to the highest level of disaster in a current situation. In urban areas, road traffic noise plays commanding role among all noise sources and affects the exposed inhabitants. The present work is done to evaluate and assess the traffic noise and its effects in Burla town. Burla, Vidyanagari of Odisha, is an emerging town in India, as it hosts national level of teaching and research institutions like IIM Sambalpur, a medical college- cum-hospital (VIMSAR), a technical university (VSSUT) and Sambalpur University. In last two decade, the road traffic volume has been increased and is facing severe noise pollution to its inhabitants. Noise pollution assessment was made at different locations of the town. This study unveiled the dismal state of noise pollution in the town. Noise contour maps were drawn to visualize the noise level at the traffic and its surroundings. The numbers of hearing impaired patients in different hospitals of the locality are increasing. That shows grim picture of the situation. Regression equations were established taking noise levels with percentage of highly annoyed people during study indicates strong correlation.


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Sahu, A. K., Pradhan, M., Mohanty, C. R., Pradhan, P. K. (2020). Assessment of Traffic Noise Pollution in Burla Town, India; An Inclusive Annoyance Study. Sound & Vibration, 54(1), 27–42.

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