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Development of IoT-Based Condition Monitoring System for Bridges

Sheetal A. Singh, Suresh S. Balpande*

Department of Electronics Engineering, Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management, Nagpur, India

* Corresponding Author: Suresh S. Balpande. Email: email

Sound & Vibration 2022, 56(3), 209-220.


As of April 2019, India has 1,42,126 kilometres of National Highways and 67,368 kilometres of railway tracks that reach even the most remote parts of the country. Bridges are critical for both passenger and freight movement in the country. Because bridges play such an important part in the transportation system, their safety and upkeep must be prioritized. Manual Condition Monitoring has the disadvantage of being sluggish, unreliable, and ineffi- cient. The Internet of Things has given structural monitoring a boost. Significant decreases in the cost of electronics and connection, together with the expansion of cloud platforms, have made it possible to collect large amounts of data remotely, aggregate it, and perform essential analysis to generate actionable insights. This research focuses on a scalable system for monitoring the state of bridges, such as vibration and loading, employing multimodal inputs, controllers, and Wi-Fi modules. The accelerometer and load cells were installed on the prototype, tested for a sample load (56.21 gramsavg, 590 gramsmax, and 147.66 gramsrms) with induced vibration (5.87 m/sec2 avg, 18 m/sec2 max, and 7.04 m/sec2 rms) that are processed, displayed on-board, and uploaded to ThingSpeak cloud service. This system will aid the maintenance personnel in remotely monitoring it. This system can send out notifications if any of these parameters exceeds their threshold value, allowing you to take preventive measures ahead of time.


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Singh, S.A., Balpande, S.S. (2022). Development of iot-based condition monitoring system for bridges. Sound & Vibration, 56(3), 209-220.
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Singh SA, Balpande SS. Development of iot-based condition monitoring system for bridges. Sound Vib . 2022;56(3):209-220
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S.A. Singh and S.S. Balpande, "Development of IoT-Based Condition Monitoring System for Bridges," Sound Vib. , vol. 56, no. 3, pp. 209-220. 2022.

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