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Underconstrained Cable-Driven Parallel Suspension System of Virtual Flight Test Model in Wind Tunnel

Huisong Wu, Kaichun Zeng, Li Yu, Yan Li, Xiping Kou*

Institute of High Speed Aerodynamics, China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center, Mianyang, 621000, China

* Corresponding Author: Xiping Kou. Email:

(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Vibration Control and Utilization)

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2023, 135(1), 395-416.


An underconstrained cable-driven parallel robot (CDPR) suspension system was designed for a virtual flight testing (VFT) model. This mechanism includes two identical upper and lower kinematic chains, each of which comprises a cylindrical pair, rotating pair, and cable parallelogram. The model is pulled via two cables at the top and bottom and fixed by a yaw turntable, which can realize free coupling and decoupling with three rotational degrees of freedom of the model. First, the underconstrained CDPR suspension system of the VFT model was designed according to the mechanics theory, the degrees of freedom were verified, and the support platform was optimized to realize the coincidence between the model’s center of mass and the rotation center of the mechanism during the motion to ensure the stability of the support system. Finally, kinematic and dynamical modeling of the underconstrained CDPR suspension system was conducted; the system stiffness and stability criteria were deduced. Thus, the modeling of an underconstrained, reconfigurable, passively driven CDPR was understood comprehensively. Furthermore, dynamic simulations and experiments were used to verify that the proposed system meets the support requirements of the wind tunnel-based VFT model. This study serves as the foundation for subsequent wind tunnel test research on identifying the aerodynamic parameters of aircraft models, and also provides new avenues for the development of novel support methods for the wind tunnel test model.


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Wu, H., Zeng, K., Yu, L., Li, Y., Kou, X. (2023). Underconstrained Cable-Driven Parallel Suspension System of Virtual Flight Test Model in Wind Tunnel. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 135(1), 395–416.

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