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Improved Sequencing Heuristic DSDV Protocol Using Nomadic Mobility Model for FANETS

Inam Ullah Khan1, Muhammad Abul Hassan2, Muhammad Fayaz3, Jeonghwan Gwak4,5,6,7,*, Muhammad Adnan Aziz1

1 Department of Electronic Engineering, Isra University (SEAS), Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan
2 Department of Computing and Technology, Abasyn University Peshawar, 25000, Pakistan
3 Deparment of Computer Engineering, Jeju National University, Jeju, Korea
4 Department of Software, Korea National University of Transportation, Chungju, 27469, Korea
5 Department of Biomedical Engineering, Korea National University of Transportation, Chungju, 27469, Korea
6 Department of AI Robotics Engineering, Korea National University of Transportation, Chungju, 27469, Korea
7 Department of IT & Energy Convergence (BK21 FOUR), Korea National University of Transportation, Chungju, 27469, Korea

* Corresponding Author: Jeonghwan Gwak. Email: email

(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Advancements in Lightweight AI for Constrained Internet of Things Devices for Smart Cities)

Computers, Materials & Continua 2022, 70(2), 3653-3666.


Most interesting area is the growing demand of flying-IoT mergers with smart cities. However, aerial vehicles, especially unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have limited capabilities for maintaining node energy efficiency. In order to communicate effectively, IoT is a key element for smart cities. While improving network performance, routing protocols can be deployed in flying-IoT to improve latency, packet drop rate, packet delivery, power utilization, and average-end-to-end delay. Furthermore, in literature, proposed techniques are very much complex which cannot be easily implemented in real-world applications. This issue leads to the development of lightweight energy-efficient routing in flying-IoT networks. This paper addresses the energy conservation problem in flying-IoT. This paper presents a novel approach for the internet of flying vehicles using DSDV routing. ISH-DSDV gives the notion of bellman-ford algorithm consisting of routing updates, information broadcasting, and stale method. DSDV shows optimal results in comparison with other contemporary routing protocols. Nomadic mobility model is utilized in the scenario of flying networks to check the performance of routing protocols.


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I. Ullah Khan, M. Abul Hassan, M. Fayaz, J. Gwak and M. Adnan Aziz, "Improved sequencing heuristic dsdv protocol using nomadic mobility model for fanets," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 70, no.2, pp. 3653–3666, 2022.


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