Editorial Board
  • Prof. Q. M. Jonathan Wu

    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,University of Windsor, CANADA

    Interests: Machine learning, 3-D computer vision, video content analysis, interactive multimedia, sensor analysis and fusion, and visual sensor networks

  • Dr. Yingtao Jiang

    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Nevada, USA

    Interests: VLSI Architecture, Circuit level design technique for DSP, telecommunication systems, Computer Architectures, Nanotechnolodies for biological and medical applications

  • Prof. Hai Jin

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HuaZhong University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Computer Architecture, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing, System Security, Big Data

Associate Editors-in-Chief
  • Prof. Xiaorui Zhang

    School of Computer Science, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Computer vision, feature extraction, image classification, learning (artificial intelligence)

Editorial Board Members
  • Prof. Elizabeth Chang

    Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, La Trobe University, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: Data Mining for Business Intelligence, Collaborative systems, Human System Interfaces, Service Oriented Computing

  • Prof. Hojjat Adeli

    Deapartment of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering, Ohio State University, USA

    Interests: Computational neuroscience; machine learning; image analysis

  • Dr. H. P. Artis

    Performance Associates, Inc. USA

    Interests: Workload characterization, forecasting, simulation modeling, I/O subsystem design and capacity planning

  • Prof. Gianfranco. Balbo

    Department of Computer Science, University of Turin, ITALY

    Interests: Queuing networks, stochastic Petri nets, performance of computer-communication systems, analysis of biological systems

  • Prof. Armando Walter Colombo

    Department of Electrotechnical and Industrial Informatics, University of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer, GERMANY

    Interests: Industrial cyber-physical systems, industrial digitalization, system-of-systems engineering, Internet-of-Services

  • Prof. Mario. Dal Cin

    Institute of Mathematical Machines and Data Processing III, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, GERMANY

    Interests: Parallel computing models, Multiple instruction, multiple data, Dependable and fault-tolerant systems and networks, Formal languages and automata theory

  • Prof. Ernesto Damiani

    Department of Computer Science, University of Milan, ITALY

    Interests: Cyber-physical systems, Big Data Analytics, Edge/Cloud security and performance, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

  • Prof. Ling Feng

    Department of Computer Science and technology, Tsinghua University, CHINA

    Interests: Context-aware secure data management towards Ambient Intelligence, data mining and warehousing, distributed object-oriented database management systems

  • Dr. Kevin. E. Forward

    Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: Network performance evaluation, information retrieval query processing, Models of computation, Multiple instruction, multiple data

  • Prof. Abdelkader Hameurlain

    IRIT Laboratory, Paul Sabatier University, FRANCE

    Interests: Computer Science, Database Technolgies

  • Dr. Hirokazu Ihara

    Hitachi, Ltd., JAPAN

    Interests: Information systems applications, Health care information systems, Maintainability and maintenance, Reliability

  • Prof. Kozo Kinoshita

    Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University, JAPAN


  • Prof. Kurt Lautenbach

    Department of Software Technology, Koblenz University, GERMANY

    Interests: Hybrid systems, transition Nets

  • Prof. Edward J. McCluskey

    Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stanford University, USA

    Interests: logic testing, synthesis, design for testability, fault-tolerant computing

  • Dr. Michele Morganti

    Polytechnic University of Milan, ITALY

    Interests: Networking Architecture, Computer Networking, Network Technology, Dependable and fault-tolerant systems and networks

  • Dr. Michel Raynal

    IRISA-ISTIC, University of Rennes, FRANCE

    Interests: Distributed algorithms, distributed computing systems, distributedcomputability and dependability

  • Dr. Rodolfo Haber

    Center for Automation and Robotics, Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)-Polytechnic University of Madrid, SPAIN

    Interests: machine learning, cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence

  • Prof. S. K. Sahni

    Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering, the University of Florida, USA

    Interests: The design and analysis of efficient algorithms, parallel computing, interconnection networks, design automation, and medical algorithms

  • Prof. G. Saucier

    Innovative Synthesis Technologies, USA

  • Prof. Norio Shiratori

    Chuo University, JAPAN

    Interests: Relay networks (telecommunication), telecommunication security, MIMO communication, game theory

  • Prof. Luca. Simoncini

    Department of Information Engineering, University of Pisa, ITALY

    Interests: Dependable Computing, Fault-Tolerant Systems, Safety-Critical Systems, Design Verification and Validation, Design Environments and Tools

  • Dr. Richard Mark Soley

    Object Management Group, USA

  • Dr. K. Terplan

    University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, GEMANY

  • Prof. Y. Tohma

    Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN

  • Dr. K. S. Trivedi

    Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University, USA

    Interests: Markov models, Fault trees, Stochastic Petri nets, Reliability Modeling

  • Dr. G. T. Vesonder

    School of Systems and Enterprises, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

    Interests: Parallel cluster computing, speech recognition and text to speech, sensor networks

  • Dr. Xiaojun Wang

    School of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University, IRELAND

    Interests: Energy efficient networking, and hardware acceleration for packet classification, and deep packet inspection, hardware acceleration of cryptography algorithems

  • Dr. Francesco Fontanella

    Department of Electric and Information Engineering, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, ITALY

    Interests: Evolutionary Computation, Machine learning, Pattern Recognition, Bayesian networks

  • Dr. Aliihsan Sekertekin

    Departmant of Architecture and Town Planning, Igdir University, TURKEY

    Interests: Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorological Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Remote sensing

  • Dr. Praveen Malik

    Discipline of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Lovely Professional University, INDIA

    Interests: Microstrip Antenna Design, MIMO, Vehicular Communication, and IoT

  • Dr. Shah Nazir

    Department of Computer Science, University of Swabi, PAKISTAN

    Interests: Software Engineering, Component based software engineering, fuzzy Logic, analytic hierarchy/network process

  • Prof. Rossitza Setchi

    Research Centre in AI, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems, Cardiff University, UK

    Interests: AI, robotics, systems engineering, additive manufacturing, industrial sustainability

  • Dr. Mukesh Prasad

    School of Computer Science, University of Technology Sydney, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: Big data, computer vision, brain computer interface, and evolutionary computation

  • Dr. Thangarajah Akilan

    Department of Software Engineering, Lake Head University, CANADA

    Interests: Object/action recognition, image/video processing and segmentation, and data fusion using statistical techniques

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