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Application of the Information Technology During the Complex Pandemic Times Especially in the Education Sector

Submission Deadline: 31 December 2021 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Pavai G, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India.
Dr. Anandamala, Easwari Engineering College, India.
Dr. Zijun Feng, Northeast Normal University, China.


Introduction – During this pandemic, the education sector has changed dramatically from being a traditional classroom to online and various other means at all levels or grades right from pre-school till post-graduation in the university.

Challenges - The usage of smart devices has made drastically increased in the usage of smart phone, tablets and laptops due to the technological developments and became necessity. Many people are using smart devices for communication, controlling of devices, data storage and retrieval, data processing, and data managing operations and also the devices used by graduate students, budding teachers, professionals, job searching individuals for discussing technical ideas through new social networks, email, online forums and file sharing with various mobile technologies. It means that it facilitates the teaching and learning process, at anytime and anywhere.


Aims: Through this special issue, the educational experts and researchers are invited to submit their innovative ideas and practices through original research article to pilot the digitised educational society in a right way on how the challenges has been overcome and how the information technology is facilitating the whole process in order to ensure that that objectives are achieved through the technology, concepts learnt, disseminated and also ensure that the technology helps the people to overcome the monotonous day-to-day life and engage to overcome the fear and happiness to go through the tough times.


Innovative Mobile Learning systems
Intelligent mentoring system
Mobile games for education
Mobile based simulation systems for education
Collaborative learning tools
Learning through mobile devices
Wearable components for learning
Mobile assessment tools
Mobile supported tools for learning analytics
Educational data mining
Mobile supported tools for peer tutoring
Learning via mobile - lab work
Social networks for learning and knowledge sharing
Mobile cloud for education
Teaching supported tools to make students to understand the concepts easily
Students’ assessment and evaluation through tools

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