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Application of Advanced Internet of Things Technologies for Customized Healthcare Systems

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Guest Editors

Dr. Parthasarathy Panchatcharam, CMR Institute of Technology, India.
Dr. Azath Mubarakali, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Priyan MK, Gannon University, United States.


As a new revolution of the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly gaining ground as a priority multidisciplinary research topic in many academic and industrial disciplines, especially in healthcare. Remarkably, due to the rapid proliferation of wearable devices and smart phone, the Internet of Things enabled technology is evolving healthcare from conventional hub-based system to more customized healthcare system. The successful utilization of IoT enabled technology in the healthcare system will enable faster and safer preventive care, lower overall cost, improved patient-cantered practice and enhanced sustainability. Future IoT enabled customized healthcare systems will be realized by providing highly customized access to rich medical information and efficient clinical decision making to each individual with unobtrusive and successive sensing and monitoring. 

However, empowering the utility of IoT enabled technology in Customized Healthcare System (CHS) is still significantly challenging in the area considering shortage of cost-effective and accurate smart medical sensors, unstandardized IoT system architectures, heterogeneity of wearable devices connected, multi-dimensionality and high volume of data generated, and high demand for interoperability. From user-cantered perspective, the successful use of IoT in healthcare system will also need an interoperable IoT environment for care delivery and research, tightly-coupled health data mining applications, adequate data and knowledge standards of self-empowerment and sound clinical decision-making foundation. These above challenges and needs grant a lot of opportunities to explore and investigate new concepts, algorithms and applications in IoT enabled CHS field.  

The goal of this special issue on Internet of Things for Customized Healthcare System is to bring together researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry into a forum, to show the state-of-the-art research and applications in utilizing IoT enabled technology for healthcare systems by presenting efficient scientific and engineering solutions, addressing the needs and challenges for integration with new technologies, and providing visions for future research and development.

The theme of the special issue (SI) is especially focused on the two major aspects of the development and application of advanced internet of things technologies for customized healthcare systems, where smart sensing technologies, IoT architectures, services, applications, and data analytics for healthcare applications are the focus areas, and broad aspects and issues will be well discussed. The theme of the special issue (SI) is especially focused on the three major aspects of IoT for CHS: (1) monitoring individuals’ quality of life with increased reliability and validity by using a variety of IoT assets or technologies, including sensors, devices and mobile applications. (2) An interoperable and internet-based IoT infrastructure supporting heterogeneous devices to access, share, visualise and explore long-term individual lifestyle information.

The SI aims to present the state-of-the-art research in utilizing IoT enabled technology for healthcare systems, and to provide a forum for experts to disseminate their recent advances and views on future perspectives in the field. The special issue aims to publish original, significant and visionary automation papers that present ideas, innovations, and applications of utilizing IoT enabled technology for improving the efficiency, sustainability and reliability of healthcare systems. Submissions of scientific results from experts in academia and industry worldwide are strongly encouraged.


Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
 Internet of Things (IoT) System Architectures in Healthcare
 Network Communications for Health Sensor Data
 Internet of Things (IoT) System Architectures in Healthcare
 Wearable Sensor Integration for Healthcare
 Emerging e-Health IoT Applications
 Optimization of Healthcare Systems and Data Transmission

Published Papers

  • Open Access


    Medi-Block Record Secure Data Sharing in Healthcare System: Issues, Solutions and Challenges

    Zuriati Ahmad Zukarnain, Amgad Muneer, Nur Atirah Mohamad Nassir, Akram A. Almohammedi
    Computer Systems Science and Engineering, Vol.47, No.3, pp. 2725-2740, 2023, DOI:10.32604/csse.2023.034448
    (This article belongs to the Special Issue: Application of Advanced Internet of Things Technologies for Customized Healthcare Systems)
    Abstract With the advancements in the era of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data, there is a need for secure, decentralized medical record storage and retrieval systems. While cloud storage solves storage issues, it is challenging to realize secure sharing of records over the network. Medi-block record in the healthcare system has brought a new digitalization method for patients’ medical records. This centralized technology provides a symmetrical process between the hospital and doctors when patients urgently need to go to a different or nearby hospital. It enables electronic medical records to be available with… More >

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