Special Issue "Emergent Topics in Intelligent Computing and Communication Engineering"

Submission Deadline: 01 December 2021 (closed)
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Guest Editors
Dr. Rudra Sankar Dhar, NIT Mizoram, India.
Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharyya, Cambridge Institute of Technology, India.
Dr. Rajesh Dey, Brainware University, India.


Intelligent computational techniques especially in networking for communication and IOT has become one of the most dominant machineries in the areas of wireless microwave systems for communications and mobile computing with utmost thrust in the area of IOT for network and security issues. Originated from basic networking and communication, the paradigm of wireless communication has been transmuting every aspect of human life including medical signal processing and care, vehicular communication, green systems and Internet of things. This session is seeking high-quality research articles as well as reviews about state-of-the-art technologies in wireless communications, mobile computing, networking, computational energy systems for green technology, and IOT that contribute to the formation and advancement of intelligent technologies. Main focus of this special session is to address research issues related to 5G and 6G wireless technology Networks and IoT, Intelligent Vehicular Technology, Renewable, Hybrid, and Green Energy Design, Microwave communication, Antenna design and computing with IoT, Wireless Sensor Networks, Bio-medical Electronics and signal processing, computing of plasmon systems, IoT Interoperability and Multi-Platform Integration, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Mobile and Cloud Computing.

The objective of this special issue is to concentrate on all aspects and future research directions related to this specific area of wireless communications and mobile computing toward Antenna design, Vehicular communication for green energy computing, Body sensor network signals, AI, IOT etc. with the usages of all computing technologies.

·Intelligent Communication and Optical Computing
·5G and 6G Wireless Technology
·Wireless Sensor Networks
·Antenna and Electromagnetics
·Intelligent Vehicular Technology
·Renewable, Hybrid, and Green Energy Design
·Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
·Big Data Analytics
·Natural Language Processing
·Mobile and Cloud Computing

Published Papers
  • Design of Miniature UWB-Based Antenna by Employing a Tri-Sectional SIR Feeder
  • Abstract A novel ultra-wideband (UWB)-based microstrip antenna is presented in this work by using a slotted patch resonator, a tri-sectional stepped impedance resonator (SIR) feeder, as well as a reduced ground plane. The whole structure was realized on an FR4 substrate. The impact of incorporating several cases of ground planes on the input reflection has been thoroughly investigated under the same tri-sectional SIR feeder and by employing a slotted patch radiator. Since the complete ground plane presents an inadequate frequency response, by reducing the ground plane, the induced UWB responses are apparent while the antenna exhibits higher impedance bandwidth. The impact… More
  •   Views:131       Downloads:99        Download PDF

  • COVID-19 Automatic Detection Using Deep Learning
  • Abstract The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a pandemic disease that is currently affecting over 200 countries around the world and impacting billions of people. The first step to mitigate and control its spread is to identify and isolate the infected people. But, because of the lack of reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-CPR) tests, it is important to discover suspected COVID-19 cases as early as possible, such as by scan analysis and chest X-ray by radiologists. However, chest X-ray analysis is relatively time-consuming since it requires more than 15 minutes per case. In this paper, an automated novel detection… More
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