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Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems Using Computational Intelligence

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Guest Editors

Dr. Muhammad Adnan Khan, Gachon University, Seongnam, Korea.
Dr. Taher M. Ghazal, University City Sharjah, UAE.
Dr. Sagheer Abbas, National College of Bussiness Administration and Economics, Pakistan.


The rising popularity of real time complex systems are gaining the tech community great attention. At this time, it seems to be an extraordinarily debated subject with adequate variety, both in terms of theory and applications. Usage of cloud computing and other technology has a significant impact on business efficiency and performance, particularly for small and medium businesses. As a wide area, real time systems are a combination of methods and resources designed to take data that people generate and make accessible to others.

Machine & Deep Learning is one of the fundamental pillars of Computational Intelligence, and is all about the various complicated & complex problems that we might run into while attempting to tackle a very large data set using the right computational intelligence algorithm and technique to decide what subject areas are relevant, to what degree, which places and what sort of data, etc. This special issue would concentrate on the recent advances in the modelling, simulation and optimization of complex systems, foundations of Computational Intelligence, as well as the integrated application of the foundations of computational intelligence. The subjects of interest to those addressing problems of complex data science-based systems include concepts, execution, estimation, baseline techniques, quantitative techniques, signal processing, statistical analysis, facets of applications in data science, creation of innovative technologies, new skills, and the cooperation of statisticians with other methods such as machine learning and pattern recognition.


• Complexity analysis of Computational Intelligence methods
• The latest exploration of Computational Intelligence and its application
• Complexity Analysis of Real-Time Intelligent Applications
• Anomaly and Intrusion Detection in the Complex Networks
• Secure Online Social Networks
• Big Data analytics for IoT systems
• Distributed AI Systems and Architectures
• Biomedical systems
• Cybersecurity and AI
• eBusiness, eCommerce, eHealth & eLearning
• Extreme Machine Learning
• Smart Traffic System
• Smart Healthcare System
• Fused Soft Computing Approaches

Published Papers

  • Open Access


    Roosters Algorithm: A Novel Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithm

    Mashar Gencal, Mustafa Oral
    Computer Systems Science and Engineering, Vol.42, No.2, pp. 727-737, 2022, DOI:10.32604/csse.2022.023018
    (This article belongs to the Special Issue: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems Using Computational Intelligence)
    Abstract Some species of females, e.g., chicken, bird, fish etc., might mate with more than one males. In the mating of these polygamous creatures, there is competition between males as well as among their offspring. Thus, male reproductive success depends on both male competition and sperm rivalry. Inspired by this type of sexual life of roosters with chickens, a novel nature-inspired optimization algorithm called Roosters Algorithm (RA) is proposed. The algorithm was modelled and implemented based on the sexual behavior of roosters. 13 well-known benchmark optimization functions and 10 IEEE CEC 2018 test functions are utilized… More >

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