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Mechanism Design and Mechanical Analysis of Multi-Suction Sliding Cleaning Robot Used in Glass Curtain Wall

Jianxun Deng1, Jing Chen2, Dingcheng Wang3

1,2 School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China
3 Hua Wei Internet of Things Technology Company in Xiamen

Computer Systems Science and Engineering 2019, 34(4), 201-206.


In order to meet the needs of high-altitude glass curtain wall cleaning, a multi-suction sliding cleaning robot was designed. The sliding robot sucker, cleaning system, obstacle avoidance and rotation ability, walking circuit and mobile working principle of the cleaning robot were designed. This involved the analysis of the robot’s anti-rollover mechanics during adsorption, of robotic winds when working at height, and of anti-sliding mechanics during robot movement, in order to explore feasible ways to improve the robot’s adsorption performance. The relationship between the effective diameter D of the suction cup, the vacuum degree △ P, and the gravity G should be determined by the anti-slipping analysis. In order to ensure the safe and reliable adsorption force and the flexibility of this robot when moving on a wall, the aforementioned analyses were conducted to improve the motion performance of wall-climbing robots, which provides a good theoretical basis for design optimization and motion control of cleaning robots. The curtain wall cleaning robot has stable walking ability and can clean the wall surface effectively; therefore, it has a certain practical value.


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J. Deng, J. Chen and D. Wang, "Mechanism design and mechanical analysis of multi-suction sliding cleaning robot used in glass curtain wall," Computer Systems Science and Engineering, vol. 34, no.4, pp. 201–206, 2019.


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