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Binary Multifold Encryption Technique for Complex Cloud Systems

N. Ansgar Mary1,*, T. Latha2

1 Department of Information and Technology, St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu, 629001, India
2 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu, 629001, India

* Corresponding Author: N. Ansgar Mary. Email: email

Computer Systems Science and Engineering 2022, 42(3), 1199-1213.


Data security is a major cloud computing issue due to different user transactions in the system. The evolution of cryptography and cryptographic analysis are regarded domains of current research. deoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA) cryptography makes use of DNA as a sensing platform, which is then manipulated using a variety of molecular methods. Many security mechanisms including knowledge-based authentication, two-factor authentication, adaptive authentication, multifactor authentication and single password authentication have been deployed. These cryptographic techniques have been developed to ensure confidentiality, but most of them are based on complex mathematical calculations and equations. In the proposed approach, a novel and unique Hybrid helix scuttle-deoxy ribo nucleic acids (HHS-DNA) encryption algorithm has been proposed which is inspired by DNA cryptography and Helix scuttle. The proposed HHS-DNA is a type of multifold binary version of DNA (MF-BDNA). The major role of this paper is to present a multifold HHS-DNA algorithm to encrypt the cloud data assuring more security with less complexity. The experimentation is carried out and it reduces the encryption time, cipher text size, and improves throughput. When compared with previous techniques, there is a 45% improvement in throughput, 37% fast in encryption time, 54.67% cipher text size. The relevant experimental results and foregoing analysis show that this method is of good robustness, stability, and security.


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N. Ansgar Mary and T. Latha, "Binary multifold encryption technique for complex cloud systems," Computer Systems Science and Engineering, vol. 42, no.3, pp. 1199–1213, 2022.

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