Editorial Board
  • Prof. Jinsong Wu

    Universidad de Chile, CHILE

    Interests: information and communication technology, digital signal processing, information theory

  • Dr. Jian Su

    Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: synthesis, coordination chemistry, crystal engineering

Editorial Board Members
  • Dr. Siguang Chen

    Nanjing University of Posts And Telecommunications, CHINA

    Interests: wireless sensor network, computer networking, network security

  • Dr. Rongrui Chen

    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

  • Dr. Yuan He

    Tsinghua University, CHINA

    Interests: networking, networked embeded systems

  • Dr. Jianming Jiang

    University of Newcastle, AUSTRALIA

  • Dr. Zhewei Liang

    The University of Western Ontario, CANADA

    Interests: network inference, fingerprinting, algorithms

  • Dr. Zhengguo Sheng

    University of Sussex, UK

    Interests: computer communications networks, wireless communications

  • Dr. Petar Šoli´c

    University of Split, CROATIA

    Interests: optimization algorithms, combinatorial optimization, algorithms

  • Dr. Baowei Wang

     Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: IoT, data security, information technology

  • Dr. Xiaoliang Wang

    Hunan University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: blockchain, IoT, network security

  • Dr. Yang Xiao

    The University of Alabama, USA

    Interests: cyber-physical systems, IoT, wireless networks, smart grid

  • Dr. Haijun Zhang

    University of Science and Technology Beijing, CHINA

    Interests: networks, network optimization

  • Dr. Haibo Zeng

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA 

    Interests: computer engineering, embeded systems, cyber-physical systems, real-time systems

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