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Internet of Things for in Home Health Based Monitoring System: Modern Advances, Challenges and Future Directions

Omer Iqbal*, Tayyeba Iftakhar, Saleem Zubair Ahmad

Software Engineering Dept., Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan

* Corresponding Author: Omer Iqbal. Email:

Journal on Internet of Things 2022, 4(1), 35-55.


IOT has carried out important function in converting the traditional fitness care corporation. With developing call for in population, traditional healthcare structures have reached their outmost functionality in presenting sufficient and as plenty as mark offerings. The worldwide is handling devastating developing antique population disaster and the right want for assisted-dwelling environments is turning into inevitable for senior citizens. There furthermore a determination by means of the use of way of countrywide healthcare organizations to increase crucial manual for individualized, right blanketed care to prevent and manipulate excessive coronial situations. Many tech orientated packages related to Health Monitoring have been delivered these days as taking advantage of net boom everywhere on globe, manner to improvements in cellular and in IOT generation. Such as optimized indoor networks insurance, community shape, and fairly-low device fee performances, advanced tool reliability, low device energy consumption, and hundreds higher unusual common usual performance in network safety and privacy. Studies have highlighted fantastic advantages of integrating IOT with health care location and as era is improving the rate also cannot be that terrific of a problem. However, many challenges in this new paradigm shift notwithstanding the fact that exist, that need to be addressed. So the out most purpose of this research paper is 3 essential departments: First, evaluation of key elements that drove the adoption and boom of the Internet of factors based totally domestic some distance off monitoring; Second, present fashionable improvement of IOT in home a long manner off monitoring shape and key building gadgets; Third, communicate future very last effects and distinct guidelines of such type a long way off monitoring packages going ahead. Such Research is a wonderful manner in advance now not outstanding in IOT Terminology but in standard fitness care location.


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O. Iqbal, T. Iftakhar and S. Zubair Ahmad, "Internet of things for in home health based monitoring system: modern advances, challenges and future directions," Journal on Internet of Things, vol. 4, no.1, pp. 35–55, 2022.

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