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Tech Science Press Journals Achieve Significant Improvements in CiteScore 2022

On 8 June, 2023, Elsevier released 2022 CiteScore metrics. Below are the highlight achievements made by Tech Science Press (TSP) journals in the CiteScore rankings:


Steady Progress:

Many of TSP journals have made significant progress in CiteScore 2022, from which nine journals are ranked in Q1/Q2 in their respective disciplines, leading to an improvement in both academic and international influence. Notably, the following journals remained in Q1:

· Oncology Research

· Computer Materials and Continua

· Congenital Heart Disease


Significant Increase:

Several journals have shown a significant increase in CiteScore with a ranking in Q2. These journals cover various disciplines such as modeling and simulation, architecture, environmental science, and computer science. The journals that experienced notable improvement include:

· Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences

· Structural Durability and Health Monitoring

· Journal of Renewable Materials

· Computer Systems Science and Engineering


High Rankings:

Two of TSP journals have achieved high rankings in their subject areas:

· Oncology Research ranks 58th out of 366 journals in "Oncology" category. 

· Computer Materials and Continua ranks 69th out of 366 journals in "Modeling and Simulation" category.


Integration of Disciplines:

Compared to the previous year, TSP has made significant progress in the integration of disciplines. Currently, 12 journals from the society have been included in three or more subject area categories, which indicates an improvement of interdisciplinary integration.


TSP expresses heartfelt gratitude to the outstanding contributions from editors, editorial boards members, authors, reviewers, and partners of all journals. Moreover, TSP remains committed to continuous improvement and hopes to continue working together with the community to achieve new heights.



Source: 2022 CiteScores™ (Elsevier)

12 June 2023