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Chemical characterization and sensory evaluation of new sweets made with Geoffroea decorticans fruits, Fabaceae

Orrabalis C1,2, H Gorostegui1,2, E Calandri1, C Guzmán1
1 Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de los Alimentos (ICTA-UNC). Av. Vélez Sarsfield 1611, Córdoba 5016, Argentina.
2 Universidad Nacional de Formosa. Av. Gob. Gutnisky 3200. Formosa 3600, Argentina.
* Corresponding Author:Address Correspondence to: Lic. Camilo Orrabalis, e-mail:

Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany 2014, 83(all), 117-125.


We evaluated the possibility of making jam (product A) and simile sweet potato jam (product B) from the edible pulp of the fruits of Geoffroea decorticans. The first step was the chemical characterization of the flour (pulp) highlighting their carbohydrate (85.6%), protein (9.4%) and mineral (4.2%) concentrations. Sucrose (29.5%), glucose (3.80%) and fructose (5.30%) levels were quantified using gas chromatography. Contents of protein (5.7%), minerals (3.4%), dietary fiber (0.97%), sucrose (46.8%), glucose (1.9%) and fructose (2.4%) were very good in jam. The simile sweet potato jam had low calories (140 Kcal/100g) and provided protein (4.6%). During the 12-month-storage period, the jam showed good physicochemical and microbiological stabilities despite slight fluctuations observed in pH, soluble solids and acidity during storage. The sensory evaluation showed positive results, resulting acceptable both products; however, preference was 75% higher in product B than A. The contribution of amino acids and minerals that these fruits provided to the nutritional quality of the processed products must be highlighted.


Geoffroea decorticans fruits, Jam, Sweet potato jam, Physico-chemical analysis, Minerals, Sensory analysis.

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C, O., Gorostegui, H., Calandri, E., Guzmán, C. (2014). Chemical characterization and sensory evaluation of new sweets made with Geoffroea decorticans fruits, Fabaceae. Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, 83(all), 117–125.

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