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Genetic Improvement of Betula platyphylla Suk. in China: A Review

Qinhui Zhang1,2,#, Xiaona Pei1,#, Lianfeng Xu3,#, Xianbo Lu2, Baoyang Wen3, Yanlong Li4, Liankui Wang4, Guangzhi Dong4, Wanling Shi4, Xiaoqing Hu1,*, Xiyang Zhao1,2,*

1 College of Forestry and Grassland, Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun, 130118, China
2 State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics and Breeding, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, 150040, China
3 Qiqihar Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of Forestry, Qiqihar, 161021, China
4 Sanchazi Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province, Baishan, 134600, China

* Corresponding Authors: Xiaoqing Hu. Email: email; Xiyang Zhao. Email: email
# This symbol represents that these three authors have contributed equally to this work and have been added to the manuscript

Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany 2022, 91(8), 1585-1599.


Birch (Betula platyphylla Suk.), distributed in Eurasia, North America, and Australia, is a kind of cold-resistant, fast-growing, and vital pulpwood tree species. It is also one of the most important ecological restoration tree species with high values of economic benefits in Northeast China. To improve the genetic gain and expand the economic benefit of B. platyphylla, many genetic improvements have been carried out. In China, B. platyphylla is widely distributed and varied, and there are many varieties with excellent genetic characteristics. In this paper, the genetic improvement of B. platyphylla was reviewed, and the previous research results were discussed from two aspects: conventional breeding and molecular breeding. Some problems and corresponding solutions in the genetic improvement were put forward to provide ideas for B. platyphylla breeding in the future.


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Zhang, Q., Pei, X., Xu, L., Lu, X., Wen, B. et al. (2022). Genetic improvement of betula platyphylla suk. in china: A review. Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, 91(8), 1585-1599.
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Zhang Q, Pei X, Xu L, Lu X, Wen B, Li Y, et al. Genetic improvement of betula platyphylla suk. in china: A review. Phyton-Int J Exp Bot. 2022;91(8):1585-1599
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Q. Zhang et al., "Genetic Improvement of Betula platyphylla Suk. in China: A Review," Phyton-Int. J. Exp. Bot., vol. 91, no. 8, pp. 1585-1599. 2022.

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