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Characterization and Prediction of Nonlinear Stress-Strain Relation of Geostructures for Seismic Monitoring

Abdoullah Namdar1,2,3,*

1 Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Huaiyin Institute of Technology, Huai’an, China
2 Environmental Quality, Atmospheric Science and Climate Change Research Group, Ton Duc ThangUniversity, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
3 Faculty of Environment and Labour Safety, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

* Corresponding Author: Abdoullah Namdar. Email: email

Structural Durability & Health Monitoring 2021, 15(2), 167-182.


The nonlinearity of the strain energy at an interval period of applying seismic load on the geostructures makes it difficult for a seismic designer to makes appropriate engineering judgments timely. The nonlinear stress and strain analysis of an embankment is needed to evaluate by using a combination of suitable methods. In this study, a large-scale geostructure was seismically simulated and analyzed using the nonlinear finite element method (NFEM), and linear regression method which is a soft computing technique (SC) was applied for evaluating the results of NFEM, and it supports engineering judgment because the design of the geostructures is usually considered to be an inaccurate process owing to high nonlinearity of the large-scale geostructures seismic response and such nonlinearity may induce the complexity for decision making in geostructures seismic design. The occurrence of nonlinear stress and nonlinear strain probability distribution can be observed and density of stress and strain are predicted by using the histogram. The results of both the simulation from the NFEM and the linear regression method confirm the nonlinearity of strain energy and stress behavior have a close value of R2 and root-mean-square error (RMSE). The linear regression and histogram simulation shows the accuracy of NFEM results. The outcome of this study guides to improve engineering judgment quality for seismic analysis of an embankment through validating results of NFEM by employing appropriate soft computing techniques.


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Namdar, A. (2021). Characterization and Prediction of Nonlinear Stress-Strain Relation of Geostructures for Seismic Monitoring. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 15(2), 167–182.

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