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Securing Fog Computing For E-Learning System Using Integration of Two Encryption Algorithms

Hind A. Alshambri1,* Fawaz Alassery2

1 Department of Information Technology, Taif University, Al-Hawiya, Taif 21974, Saudi Arabia
2 Department of Computer Engineering, Taif University, Al-Hawiya, Taif 21974, Saudi Arabia

* Corresponding Author:Hind A. Alshambri. Email: email

Journal of Cyber Security 2021, 3(3), 149-166.


Currently, the majority of institutions have made use of information technologies to improve and develop their diverse educational methods to attract more learners. Through information technologies, e-learning and learning-on-the go have been adopted by the institutions to provide affordability and flexibility of educational services. Most of the educational institutes are offering online teaching classes using the technologies like cloud computing, networking, etc. Educational institutes have developed their e-learning platforms for the online learning process, through this way they have paved the way for distance learning. But e-learning platform has to face a lot of security challenges in terms of cyberattacks and data hacking through unauthorized access. Fog computing is one of the new technologies that facilitate control over access to big data, as it acts as a mediator between the cloud and the user to bring services closer and reduce their latency. This report presents the use of fog computing for the development of an e-learning platform. and introduced different algorithms to secure the data and information sharing through e-learning platforms. Moreover, this report provides a comparison among RSA, AES, and ECC algorithms for fog-enabled cybersecurity systems. These Algorithms are compared by developing them using python-based language program, in terms of encryption/decryption time, key generations techniques, and other features offered. In addition, we proposed to use a hybrid cryptography system of two types of encryption algorithms such as RSA with AES to fulfill the security, file size, and latency required for the communication between the fog and the e-learning system. we tested our proposed system and highlight the pros and cons of the Integrated Encryption Schemes by performing a testbed for e-learning website scenario using and C#.


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H. A. Alshambri and F. Alassery, "Securing fog computing for e-learning system using integration of two encryption algorithms," Journal of Cyber Security, vol. 3, no.3, pp. 149–166, 2021.

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