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Coordinated Voltage Control of Distribution Network Considering Multiple Types of Electric Vehicles

Liang Liu, Guangda Xu*, Yuan Zhao, Yi Lu, Yu Li, Jing Gao

State Grid Jibei Electric Power Research Institute (North China Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd.), Beijing, 100045, China

* Corresponding Author: Guangda Xu. Email: email

Energy Engineering 2024, 121(2), 377-404.


The couple between the power network and the transportation network (TN) is deepening gradually with the increasing penetration rate of electric vehicles (EV), which also poses a great challenge to the traditional voltage control scheme. In this paper, we propose a coordinated voltage control strategy for the active distribution networks considering multiple types of EV. In the first stage, the action of on-load tap changer and capacitor banks, etc., are determined by optimal power flow calculation, and the node electricity price is also determined based on dynamic time-of-use tariff mechanism. In the second stage, multiple operating scenarios of multiple types of EVs such as cabs, private cars and buses are considered, and the scheduling results of each EV are solved by building an optimization model based on constraints such as queuing theory, Floyd-Warshall algorithm and traffic flow information. In the third stage, the output power of photovoltaic and energy storage systems is fine-tuned in the normal control mode. The charging power of EVs is also regulated in the emergency control mode to reduce the voltage deviation, and the amount of regulation is calculated based on the fair voltage control mode of EVs. Finally, we test the modified IEEE 33-bus distribution system coupled with the 24-bus Beijing TN. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme can mitigate voltage violations well.


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Liu, L., Xu, G., Zhao, Y., Lu, Y., Li, Y. et al. (2024). Coordinated Voltage Control of Distribution Network Considering Multiple Types of Electric Vehicles. Energy Engineering, 121(2), 377–404.

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