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Simulation Analysis of Ammonia Leakage and Dispersion in a Large-Scale Refrigeration System

Jianlu Cheng1, Kaiyong Hu1,*, Jiang Shen1, Lu Jia1,2, Rui Niu1, Zhaoxian Yang3

1 Tianjin Key Laboratory of Refrigeration Technology, Tianjin University of Commerce, Tianjin, 300134, China
2 International Trade Engineering Design Institute, Beijing, 100037, China
3 Tianjin Tengsheng Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin, 300380, China

* Corresponding Author: Kaiyong Hu. Email:

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2022, 18(4), 1049-1066.


The use of ammonia in large-scale refrigeration systems (such as those used for a stadium) requires adequate ammonia leakage prevention mechanisms are put in place. In the present study, numerical simulations have been conducted to study the dispersion law in the ammonia machinery room of the refrigeration system for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The wind speed, and release location have been varied to investigate their effects on the dispersion profile. Different positions of the leakage points in the ammonia storage tank have been found to lead to different areas affected accordingly. In general, the dangerous region area decreases with an increase in the wind speed. However, when the wind is aligned with the leakage direction, this trend is reverted. The study may offer an effective method to predict the impact of ammonia dispersion and implement the safe operation of such large-scale systems.


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Cheng, J., Hu, K., Shen, J., Jia, L., Niu, R. et al. (2022). Simulation Analysis of Ammonia Leakage and Dispersion in a Large-Scale Refrigeration System. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 18(4), 1049–1066.

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