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    Bifurcation Analysis of a Nonlinear Vibro-Impact System with an Uncertain Parameter via OPA Method

    Dongmei Huang1, Dang Hong2, Wei Li1,*, Guidong Yang1, Vesna Rajic3

    CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol.138, No.1, pp. 509-524, 2024, DOI:10.32604/cmes.2023.029215

    Abstract In this paper, the bifurcation properties of the vibro-impact systems with an uncertain parameter under the impulse and harmonic excitations are investigated. Firstly, by means of the orthogonal polynomial approximation (OPA) method, the nonlinear damping and stiffness are expanded into the linear combination of the state variable. The condition for the appearance of the vibro-impact phenomenon is to be transformed based on the calculation of the mean value. Afterwards, the stochastic vibro-impact system can be turned into an equivalent high-dimensional deterministic non-smooth system. Two different Poincaré sections are chosen to analyze the bifurcation properties and the impact numbers are identified… More >

  • Open Access


    The Impact of Inoculum Preparation Media on Pollutant Removal through Phycoremediation of Agricultural Drainage Water by Desmodesmus sp.

    Asmaa Salah1, Hoda Sany1, Abo El-Khair B. El-Sayed2, Reham M. El-Bahbohy1, Heba I. Mohamed3,*, Ayman Amin1,*

    Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol.92, No.10, pp. 2875-2890, 2023, DOI:10.32604/phyton.2023.031064

    Abstract Water is the most essential natural resource for the future development. Agriculture production is extensively water-dependent and a significant polluter of water resources. So, this work investigated the effect of two different preparation media [Bold’s Basal Medium (BBM) and Domiati cheese whey (DCW)] for agricultural drainage water (ADW) remediation. All treatments were incubated for 6 days. According to the results of biomass productivity, specific growth rate, photosynthetic pigments, and biochemical composition, Desmodesmus sp. can grow in drainage water without dilution. The two treatments significantly reduced the concentration of nitrate, phosphate, chemical oxygen demand, and sodium in ADW. Finally, using cheese… More >

  • Open Access


    Comparison of Results Used Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Method and Lagrange Method Based on Segmental Uncoupled Charge

    Xiang Li1, Guangyan Huang1,2,*, Zhiwei Guo1,*

    The International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, Vol.26, No.4, pp. 1-3, 2023, DOI:10.32604/icces.2023.09269

    Abstract SPH method is widely used to study the dynamic response of metal casing under explosive loading because of its superiority in simulating metal fracture phenomenon [1-3]. The distribution of the fragment from uncoupled charge structures with segmental shaped explosive were studied. The X-ray photographic images of fragmentation obtained from explosion experiment were compared with the numerical results based on SPH method and Lagrange method. The fragmentation shows that the numerical results based on the Lagrange method are in good agreement with the experimental results while some errors appear in results based on SPH method. The velocity of the fragments at… More >

  • Open Access


    A Stacked Ensemble Deep Learning Approach for Imbalanced Multi-Class Water Quality Index Prediction

    Wen Yee Wong1, Khairunnisa Hasikin1,*, Anis Salwa Mohd Khairuddin2, Sarah Abdul Razak3, Hanee Farzana Hizaddin4, Mohd Istajib Mokhtar5, Muhammad Mokhzaini Azizan6

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.76, No.2, pp. 1361-1384, 2023, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2023.038045

    Abstract A common difficulty in building prediction models with realworld environmental datasets is the skewed distribution of classes. There are significantly more samples for day-to-day classes, while rare events such as polluted classes are uncommon. Consequently, the limited availability of minority outcomes lowers the classifier’s overall reliability. This study assesses the capability of machine learning (ML) algorithms in tackling imbalanced water quality data based on the metrics of precision, recall, and F1 score. It intends to balance the misled accuracy towards the majority of data. Hence, 10 ML algorithms of its performance are compared. The classifiers included are AdaBoost, Support Vector… More >

  • Open Access


    MPI Massive Parallelization of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Simulation of Impact and Explosion Problems

    Jiahao Liu1, Moubin Liu1,*

    The International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, Vol.25, No.3, pp. 1-1, 2023, DOI:10.32604/icces.2023.010056

    Abstract The dynamic failure process of structures under impact and explosive loading is very common in both military and industrial fields. However, the conventional mesh-based method has some shortcomings, such as large mesh distortion and sliding surface treatment. Some typical phenomena are difficult to be simulated. The smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method has natural advantages in treating large material deformations in impact and explosion problems [1]. To make the SPH method suitable for the impact and explosion problems, it is also improved by some treatments [2] to avoid inherent stress instability and unphysical oscillation. However, numerical calculations for 3D engineering applications,… More >

  • Open Access


    GPU-Accelerated Numerical Modeling of Hypervelocity Impacts on CFRP Using SPH

    Yao Lu1, Jianyu Chen2, Dianlei Feng3,*, Moubin Liu1,*

    The International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, Vol.25, No.3, pp. 1-2, 2023, DOI:10.32604/icces.2023.010004

    Abstract CFRPs (carbon fiber reinforced plastics), as a kind of fiber-reinforced plastic, present various advantages over traditional materials regarding the specific strength, stiffness, and corrosion resistance. For this reason, CFRPs are widely used in the space industry, like satellites and space stations, which are easily subjected to the HVIs (hypervelocity impacts) threatened by space debris. In order to mitigate the damage of HVIs and protect the spatial structures, it is necessary to predict the HVI process on CFRPs. Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method, as a mesh-free particle-based method, has been widely applied for modeling HVI problems due to its special advantages… More >

  • Open Access


    Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Large-Scale LandslideGenerated Surging Waves with a GPU‒Accelerated Soil‒Water Coupled SPH Model

    Can Huang1,*, Xiaoliang Wang1, Qingquan Liu1, Huaning Wang2

    The International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, Vol.25, No.1, pp. 1-1, 2023, DOI:10.32604/icces.2023.09824

    Abstract Soil‒water coupling is an important process in landslide-generated impulse waves (LGIW) problems, accompanied by large deformation of soil, strong interface coupling and three-dimensional effect. A meshless particle method, smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) has great advantages in dealing with complex interface and multiphase coupling problems. This study presents an improved soil‒water coupled model to simulate LGIW problems based on an open source code DualSPHysics (v4.0). Aiming to solve the low efficiency problem in modeling real large-scale LGIW problems, graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration technology is implemented into this code. An experimental example, subaerial landslidegenerated water waves, is simulated to validate this… More >

  • Open Access


    Improving Intrusion Detection in UAV Communication Using an LSTM-SMOTE Classification Method

    Abdulrahman M. Abdulghani, Mokhles M. Abdulghani, Wilbur L. Walters, Khalid H. Abed*

    Journal of Cyber Security, Vol.4, No.4, pp. 287-298, 2022, DOI:10.32604/jcs.2023.042486

    Abstract Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) proliferate quickly and play a significant part in crucial tasks, so it is important to protect the security and integrity of UAV communication channels. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) are required to protect the UAV communication infrastructure from unauthorized access and harmful actions. In this paper, we examine a new approach for enhancing intrusion detection in UAV communication channels by utilizing the Long Short-Term Memory network (LSTM) combined with the Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique (SMOTE) algorithm, and this integration is the binary classification method (LSTM-SMOTE). We successfully achieved 99.83% detection accuracy by using the proposed approach and… More >

  • Open Access


    Seed Priming with MgCl2, CaCl2, and ZnCl2 as a Biofortification Based-Approach Induces Changes in Anise Seedlings Emergence

    Sibel Day*, Nilüfer Koçak-Şahin

    Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol.92, No.8, pp. 2461-2471, 2023, DOI:10.32604/phyton.2023.029920

    Abstract Aromatic and medicinal plant species having small seeds have field emergence problems due to low nutrient supply. Therefore, Pimpinella anisum seeds were hydro and osmoprimed with 100 mM MgCl2, CaCl2, and ZnCl2, for 2, 4, and 8 h each to compare their growth attributes during germination and seedling establishment stages. Nontreated seeds were used as control. Both hydro and osmo primed seeds were dried for 48 h before, they were sown in plastic trays in growth room conditions to see the impact of treatments on seedling emergence and growth. The maximum root length (12.90 cm), fresh weight (256.30 mg plant−1),… More >

  • Open Access


    Genotypic Divergence, Photosynthetic Efficiency, Sodium Extrusion, and Osmoprotectant Regulation Conferred Salt Tolerance in Sorghum

    Ashaduzzaman Sagar1 , Md. Sabibul Haque1, Md. Alamgir Hossain1, Md. Nesar Uddin1, Jannat E. Tajkia1, Md. Ashik Mia1, Toufika Hossain Shabi2, Md. Solaiman Ali Fakir1, Md. Abdul Kader3,4,5, Walid Soufan6, Md. Atikur Rahman7, Muhammad Aamir Iqbal8, Mohammad Sohidul Islam9, Ayman El Sabagh10,*, A. K. M. Zakir Hossain1,*

    Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol.92, No.8, pp. 2349-2368, 2023, DOI:10.32604/phyton.2023.028974

    Abstract Salt stress is one of the major limitations to modern agriculture that negatively influences plant growth and productivity. Salt tolerant cultivar can provide excellent solution to enhance stress tolerance with plant fitness to unfavorable environments. Therefore, this study was aimed to screen salt tolerant sorghum genotypes through evaluating of different morphological, biochemical, and physiological attributes in response to salinity stress. In this study, we have been evaluated total six sorghum genotypes including Hybrid sorgo, Debgiri, BD-703, BD-706, BD-707, and BD-725 under salt stress (12 dS m−1 NaCl). The response variables included length and weight of root and shoot, root: shoot… More >

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