Mental Health and Social Development

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Guest Editors

Name: Tao Liu
Title: Ph.D. Associate Professor
Tao Liu is an associate professor at Hangzhou Dianzi University. The research field mainly focuses on the psychology and sociology. He has published several research papers on SSCI journals such as Frontiers in psychology, Frontiers in public health, and served as a reviewer for some journals. More information can be found at ORCID (

Name: Jianping Ren
Title: Ph.D. Professor
Jianping Ren is a professor at Hangzhou Normal University. The research field mainly focuses on community health service management, especially of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM). She has conducted research on the demand for health services of TCM, effect of TCM intervention and social support for the frail elderly in the community. She has published several research papers in the Journal of the Frontier Psychiatry, Evidence Based Complement Alternative Medicine and other SSCI journals. More information can be found at ORCID (

Name: Ruirui Zhang
Title: Assistant Professor
Ruirui Zhang received a Ph.D. degree in Clinical & Health Psychology from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and is an assistant professor at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. Her research interests focus on self-esteem, autonomy, mental health, and well-being. She has conducted research on mental illness recovery and the effectiveness of self-compassion intervention in mental health promotion. She has published several papers in journals such as American Journal of Orthopsychiatry and International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology. More information can be found at ORCID (


With the development of science and technology, the pace of life is faster and faster, and mental health problems are more and more prominent. It is undeniable that mental health problems have become a public health problem that cannot be ignored. From children, and adolescents to the elderly, there are different levels of mental health problems, which can be investigated across the individual system, microsystem, mesosystems, exosystem, and macrosystem according to Bronfenbrenner's ecological model. We attach importance to promoting understanding towards psychological problems from different aspects of individuals, families, society, etc. We need to constantly adapt to social changes, formulate public health policies, improve the level of public health management, strengthen the integration of medicine and prevention, strengthen relevant academic research, and constantly improve mental health problems.

This issue focuses on mental health and social development. We welcome various paper forms, including original research, reviews, and case reports, using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods.


The topics of interest for the special issue include, but are not limited to, the following:

Maintain mental health under rapid social changes

Maintain mental health and autonomy in the context of Chinese culture

Quality of Life, Social Support and Mental Health

Health Management, Health Policy, and Mental Health

Use big data and machine learning methods to research issues related to mental health


Mental health
Social development
Health management
Health policy
Integration of medical treatment and prevention
Social support
Machine learning

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