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Model Predictive Yaw Control Using Fuzzy-Deduced Weighting Factor for Large-Scale Wind Turbines

Shuowang Zhang1, Lingxiang Huang1,*, Dongran Song2,*, Ke Xu1, Xuebing Yang1, Xiaoping Song1

1 XEMC Wind power Co., Ltd., Xiangtan, 411100, China
2 School of Automation, Central South University, Changsha, 410083, China

* Corresponding Authors: Lingxiang Huang. Email: email; Dongran Song. Email: email

(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Wind Energy Development and Utilization)

Energy Engineering 2021, 118(2), 237-250.


Yaw control system plays an important role in helping large-scale horizontal wind turbines capture the wind energy. To track the stochastic and fast-changing wind direction, the nacelle is rotated by the yaw control system. Therein, a difficulty consists in the variation speed of the wind direction much faster than the rotation speed of the nacelle. To deal with this difficulty, model predictive control has been recently proposed in the literature, in which the previewed wind direction is employed into the predictive model, and the estimated captured energy and yaw actuator usage are two contradictive objectives. Since the performance of the model predictive control strategy relies largely on the weighting factor that is designed to balance the two objectives, the weighting factor should be carefully selected. In this study, a fuzzy-deduced scheme is proposed to derive the weighting factor of the model predictive yaw control. For the proposed fuzzy-deduced strategy, the variation degree and the increment of the wind direction during the predictive horizon are used as the inputs, and the weighting factor is the output, which is dynamically adjusted. The proposed model predictive yaw control is demonstrated by some simulations using real wind data and its performance is compared with the conventional model predictive control with the fixed weighting factor. Comparison results confirm the outweighing performance of the proposed control strategy over the conventional one.


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Zhang, S., Huang, L., Song, D., Xu, K., Yang, X. et al. (2021). Model Predictive Yaw Control Using Fuzzy-Deduced Weighting Factor for Large-Scale Wind Turbines. Energy Engineering, 118(2), 237–250.

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