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  • Open Access


    Degradation of FAK-targeting by proteolytic targeting chimera technology to inhibit the metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma


    Oncology Research, Vol.32, No.4, pp. 679-690, 2024, DOI:10.32604/or.2024.046231

    Abstract Liver cancer is a prevalent malignant cancer, ranking third in terms of mortality rate. Metastasis and recurrence primarily contribute to the high mortality rate of liver cancer. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has low expression of focal adhesion kinase (FAK), which increases the risk of metastasis and recurrence. Nevertheless, the efficacy of FAK phosphorylation inhibitors is currently limited. Thus, investigating the mechanisms by which FAK affects HCC metastasis to develop targeted therapies for FAK may present a novel strategy to inhibit HCC metastasis. This study examined the correlation between FAK expression and the prognosis of HCC. Additionally, we explored the impact of… More >

  • Open Access


    Development of a cell adhesion-based prognostic model for multiple myeloma: Insights into chemotherapy response and potential reversal of adhesion effects


    Oncology Research, Vol.32, No.4, pp. 753-768, 2024, DOI:10.32604/or.2023.043647

    Abstract Multiple myeloma (MM) is a hematologic malignancy notorious for its high relapse rate and development of drug resistance, in which cell adhesion-mediated drug resistance plays a critical role. This study integrated four RNA sequencing datasets (CoMMpass, GSE136337, GSE9782, and GSE2658) and focused on analyzing 1706 adhesion-related genes. Rigorous univariate Cox regression analysis identified 18 key prognosis-related genes, including KIF14, TROAP, FLNA, MSN, LGALS1, PECAM1, and ALCAM, which demonstrated the strongest associations with poor overall survival (OS) in MM patients. To comprehensively evaluate the impact of cell adhesion on MM prognosis, an adhesion-related risk score (ARRS) model was constructed using Lasso… More >

  • Open Access


    Water Absorption Capacity and Coating Adhesion on Thermally Modified and Not-Modified Spruce Wood (Blue Stained or Free of Blue Stained)

    Demiao Chu1, Redžo Hasanagić2, Leila Fathi3, Mohsen Bahmani3,*, Miha Humar4

    Journal of Renewable Materials, Vol.11, No.12, pp. 4061-4078, 2023, DOI:10.32604/jrm.2023.043657

    Abstract This study aimed to investigate the water absorption capacity of thermally modified and non-modified spruce and blue-stained spruce wood. The wettability of wood depends on various factors, including its type, density, porosity, and surface treatment. Wood can swell and become distorted when exposed to water or humidity, impacting its structural integrity. Hence, it is crucial to consider the water and water vapour uptake in the wood when choosing materials for applications that are likely to be exposed to moisture. Various moisture absorption tests were conducted to assess water absorption capacity, including short-term and long-term water absorption and water vapour absorption.… More > Graphic Abstract

    Water Absorption Capacity and Coating Adhesion on Thermally Modified and Not-Modified Spruce Wood (Blue Stained or Free of Blue Stained)

  • Open Access


    Peeling by Pulling: Characterizing the Mechanical Behavior of Nanoscale Thin Films

    Zhaohe Dai1,*

    The International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, Vol.26, No.2, pp. 1-1, 2023, DOI:10.32604/icces.2023.09223

    Abstract The flexible and clinging nature of ultra-thin films require the understanding of their elastic and adhesive properties in a wide range of circumstances from fabrications to applications. Simultaneously measuring both properties, however, is extremely difficult as the film thickness diminishes to nanoscales. In this talk, I will show our recent work that addresses such difficulties through peeling by vertically pulling thin films off from the substrates (we thus refer to it as “pull-to-peel”). Particularly, we perform in-situ pull-to-peel of graphene and MoS2 films in a scanning electron microscope and achieve simultaneous determination of their Young’s moduli and adhesions to gold… More >

  • Open Access


    Quelle est la place des professionnels de santé dans l’adhésion aux programmes thérapeutiques en ligne de l’insomnie ? Éléments de réflexion issus de l’étude Sleep-4-All-1 et protocole de l’étude Sleep-4-All-2.0

    D. Boinon, C. Charles, L. Fasse, J. Journiac, G. Pallubicki, E. Guerdoux-Ninot, G. Ninot, A. Couillet, J.-B. Le Provost, J. Savard, S. Dauchy

    Psycho-Oncologie, Vol.16, No.1, pp. 173-181, 2022, DOI:10.3166/pson-2022-0179

    Abstract La thérapie cognitivocomportementale de l’insomnie (TCC-I) demeure difficile d’accès pour les patients atteints de cancer. Sa digitalisation semble une solution prometteuse pour bénéficier au plus grand nombre. La faisabilité d’un programme TCC-I québécois a été démontrée en France, tout en révélant les limites d’un dispositif suivi en autonomie et à distance. L’enjeu reste de mieux comprendre le rôle des professionnels de santé dans l’accompagnement des patients dans ce type de programme. C’est l’objectif de l’étude Sleep-4-All-2.0 dont nous présenterons ici le protocole. More >

  • Open Access


    Adhésion et implémentation d’un programme de cohérence cardiaque visant à réduire l’anxiété de patients opérés pour une carcinose péritonéale : étude pilote randomisée

    E. Guerdoux, L. Coutant, M. Del Rio, S. Gourgou, F. Quenet, G. Ninot

    Psycho-Oncologie, Vol.16, No.1, pp. 192-198, 2022, DOI:10.3166/pson-2022-0177

    Abstract Objectif : Évaluer l’implémentation d’une pratique quotidienne de cohérence cardiaque chez des patients opérés pour une carcinose péritonéale.
    Matériel et méthode : Étude pilote monocentrique, ouverte, contrôlée, randomisée non comparative, incluant 20 patients en soins courants vs 40 patients formés à la cohérence cardiaque avec biofeedback et guide respiratoire pour une pratique au domicile enregistrée.
    Résultats attendus : Adhésion satisfaisante au programme, pouvant caractériser les éléments favorisant son implémentation avant et après chirurgie et évaluation de son impact sur l’anxiété.
    Perspectives : Efficacité à déterminer pour transférer ce soin de support. More >

  • Open Access


    Analysis of a Strong-Inhibition Polyamine Drilling Fluid

    Yu Fan, Jianhua Guo, Xihui Hu, Rui Wang*, Weiqiang Xu

    FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, Vol.19, No.9, pp. 2431-2447, 2023, DOI:10.32604/fdmp.2023.027604

    Abstract Drilling technologies based on oil-based drilling fluids and strong inhibitory saltwater fluids are affected by drawbacks such as downhole accidents where sticking and wellbore instabilities occur. Existing polyamine drilling fluids also exhibit problems such as easy decomposition and poor inhibition performances. In order to mitigate these issues, additives can be used, such as polyamine inhibitors and the synthesis of nanometer filtrate reducers. Tests conducted in the frame of this study with a polyamine drilling fluid and such additives show that this fluid has the same inhibitory, plugging, lubricating, and wellbore-stability performances as oil-based drilling fluids. However, it has long-term anti-wear… More > Graphic Abstract

    Analysis of a Strong-Inhibition Polyamine Drilling Fluid

  • Open Access


    SARS-CoV2 et cancer : quel impact psychologique ?
    Expérience du service d’oncologie médicale du centre hospitalier universitaire Hassan-II de Fès, Maroc

    L. Amaadour, I. Lahrch, O. Siyouri, K. Oualla, Z. Benbrahim, S. Arifi, C. Aarab, S. El Fakir, N. Mellas

    Psycho-Oncologie, Vol.17, No.1, pp. 38-43, 2023, DOI:10.3166/pson-2022-0221

    Abstract Introduction: La Covid-19 constitue une cause de plusieurs affections mentales, notamment chez les patients atteints de cancer qui sont déjà considérés comme une population vulnérable. Ainsi, l’objectif de la présente étude était d’évaluer les troubles psychologiques des patients suivis pour une maladie tumorale maligne, sous traitement médical systémique, ayant eu une infection au SARS-CoV2 ; ainsi que les conséquences que ces troubles psychologiques peuvent avoir sur l’adhésion aux soins oncologiques.
    Méthode: Il s’agit d’une étude transversale sur une période de quatre mois (pic de la pandémie) menée au département d’oncologie médicale du centre hospitalier universitaire Hassan-II de Fès, Maroc. Les… More >

  • Open Access


    Junctional adhesion molecule-A (JAM-A) in gynecological cancers: Current state of knowledge


    BIOCELL, Vol.47, No.4, pp. 731-737, 2023, DOI:10.32604/biocell.2023.025677

    Abstract Junctional adhesion molecule-A (JAM-A), also known as the F11 receptor (F11R), is one of the tight junction components. JAM-A is a transmembrane glycoprotein that regulates many cellular processes, i.e., angiogenesis, leukocyte transendothelial migration, intercellular permeability, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, and platelet activation. Of note, it is involved in the pathogenesis of various cancer types, including gynecological cancers. Only a few studies are available about this cancer type. Observed aberrant JAM-A expression in gynecological cancers correlates with poor patient prognosis. To the best of our knowledge, conflicting JAM-A roles in various cancer types suggest that its involvement is complex and tumor-type specific. The… More >

  • Open Access


    FPGA Implementation of Extended Kalman Filter for Parameters Estimation of Railway Wheelset

    Khakoo Mal1,2,*, Tayab Din Memon1,3, Imtiaz Hussain Kalwar4, Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry5

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.74, No.2, pp. 3351-3370, 2023, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2023.032940

    Abstract It is necessary to know the status of adhesion conditions between wheel and rail for efficient accelerating and decelerating of railroad vehicle. The proper estimation of adhesion conditions and their real-time implementation is considered a challenge for scholars. In this paper, the development of simulation model of extended Kalman filter (EKF) in MATLAB/Simulink is presented to estimate various railway wheelset parameters in different contact conditions of track. Due to concurrent in nature, the Xilinx® System-on-Chip Zynq Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) device is chosen to check the onboard estimation of wheel-rail interaction parameters by using the National Instruments (NI) myRIO®More >

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