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Mechanical Properties and Durability of Sustainable Concrete Manufactured Using Ceramic Waste: A Review

Peng Zhang1, Peishuo Zhang1, Jingjiang Wu2, Zhenhui Guo2, Yong Zhang2, Yuanxun Zheng1,*

1 School of Water Conservancy Engineering, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, 450001, China
2 Communications Construction Company of CSCEC 7th Division Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou, 450004, China

* Corresponding Author: Yuanxun Zheng. Email: email

(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Sustainable Concrete with Recyclable Materials)

Journal of Renewable Materials 2023, 11(2), 937-974.


Green and sustainable concrete has attracted significant attention from the construction industry and researchers since it was proposed. The ceramic waste materials are often directly buried in the ground or placed in an open dump, and the accumulation of ceramic waste contributes to environmental pollution, which makes the recycling of ceramic waste quite urgent. Owing to the pozzolanic activity, excellent mechanical properties and durability, industrial ceramic waste is considered as a suitable substitute for cement or natural aggregates to fabricate renewable concrete. In this paper, the pozzolanic activity of ceramic waste and the workability, mechanical performance, and durability of ceramic concrete are discussed. In addition, the most recent research results pertaining to ceramic concrete are reviewed. Ground ceramic powder improves the workability, compressive strength, resistance to chloride penetration, and carbonation resistance of concrete to a certain extent. Concrete containing ceramic as the aggregate has a lower mechanical performance than ordinary concrete. However, the resistance to chloride penetration, freeze-thaw resistance, and high-temperature resistance of ceramic concrete are remarkable. Ceramic concrete is environmentally friendly, requires fewer energy resources to manufacture than ordinary concrete, and has excellent engineering properties. However, further research is required for future engineering applications.


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Zhang, P., Zhang, P., Wu, J., Guo, Z., Zhang, Y. et al. (2023). Mechanical Properties and Durability of Sustainable Concrete Manufactured Using Ceramic Waste: A Review. Journal of Renewable Materials, 11(2), 937–974.

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