Editorial Board
  • Dr. Yingtao Jiang

    University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA

    Interests: Algorithms, VLSI architectures, circuit level techniques, DSP design, computer architecture.

Founding Editor-in-Chief
  • Prof. Charles Nguyen

    Catholic University of America, USA

    Interests: control systems robotics machine vision

Founder and Editor-in-Chief (2002-2017)
  • Prof. Mo Jamshidi

    The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

    Interests: Large-scale systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Big Data Analyic, Computational intelligence, Mobile robotics

Associate Editors-in-Chief
  • Prof. Ilsun You

    Kookmin University, SOUTH KOREA

    Interests: Security for Mobile Networks IoT Security Authentication and Access Control Formal Security Analysis Insider Threats and Information Leakage Prevention Digital Rights Management and Code Protection

  • Prof. Ahmad Rad

    Simon Fraser University, CANADA

    Interests: Driverless cars; Simultaneous; Localization and Mapping (SLAM); Intelligent Control

  • Prof. Peter Korba

    University of Zurich, SWITZERLAND

    Interests: Electrical power systems, Control systems, Power system dynamics and control, Integration of decentralized (renewable) energy sources, Wide-area monitoring and control, Smart distribution automation.

  • Prof. Syoji Kobashi

    University of Hyogo, JAPAN

    Interests: medical image Medical Image processing, Medical Image analysis, Computer-aided diagnosis, Medical Image processing with artificial intelligence, Computer-aided diagnosis with artificial intelligence

  • Lianyong Qi

    China University of Petroleum (East China), China

    Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Recommender Systems, Web Services

Founding and Honorary Editor
  • Late Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh

    University of California, USA

Editorial Board
  • Dr. Danial Aghajarian

    Georgia State University, USA

    Interests: Distributed systems organizing principles Results, Geographic visualization Results, High Performance Computing, GPU Programming, Parallel and Distributed Algorithm, Spatiotemporal Big Data, Wireless Networks

  • Prof. Mohammad-R Akbarzadeh-T

    Ferdowsi University, IRAN

    Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Fuzzy Logic, Complex Systems, Biomedical Engineering

  • Dr. A. Y. Alanis(Alma Alanis)

    Univesity of Guadalajara, MEXICO

    Interests: Control Inteligente, Robotics, Control Theory, System Identification, Advanced Control Theory, System Modeling, Automation & Robotics, Stability Analysis, Stability, Systems Theory, Tracking

  • Anand Nayyar

    Duy Tan University

    Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks, Swarm Intelligence, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Intelligent Systems

  • Dr. Balamurugan Shanmugam

    Albert Einstein Engineering and Research Labs, INDIA

    Interests: IoT, Sensors, Robotics, Cyber Physical Systems, Data Mining, Cyber Security

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea

    Interests: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Network Optimization

  • Dr. Patrick Benavidez

    The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

    Interests: Large-scale Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Mobile Robotics, Cloud-based Robotics, Assistive Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Application, Low-Cost 3D-Printed Robots

  • Dr. Yao-Liang Chung

    National Taiwan Ocean University, TAIWAN

    Interests: Green ICTs, Wireless and Cellular Networks, Performance Evaluation, Intelligent Computing

  • Prof. Xiao-Zhi Gao

    University of Eastern Finland, FINLAND

    Interests: deep learning, swarm intelligence, fuzzy systems, optimization, genetic algorithms

  • Prof. Xin Geng

    Southeast University, China

    Interests: machine learning, pattern recognition, and computer vision

  • Prof. C. H. Hsu

    Chung Hua University, TAIWAN

    Interests: 5G mobile communication, mobile computing, road traffic, traffic engineering computing, vehicular ad hoc networks

  • Dr. Jun Hu

    Harbin University of Science & Technology, CHINA

    Interests: neural networks, complex networks, sensor networks, network-based control and estimation, intelligent control/analysis and its applications

  • Prof. Yu-Chen Hu

    Providence University, TAIWAN

    Interests: Data Compression, Image Processing, Information Security, Computer Network, Artificial Intelligence, BioInformatics

  • Dr. Matthew Joordens

    Deakin University, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: Robotics, Underwater Swarm Robotics

  • Dr. Aslam Jarwar

    Sheffield Hallam University, UK

    Interests: Interent of Things, Machine learning and Artifical Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Ontologies, Digital Twins

  • Prof. Mehmet Karakose

    Firat University, TURKEY

    Interests: Intelligent Systems, Fuzzy Systems, Image Processing, Fault Diagnosis, Railway Inspection Systems

  • Dr. A. Kumar Rav

    Indian Institute of Information Technology, INDIA

  • Dr. Ali Kumar Raz

    Purdue Univeristy, Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Interests: System of Systems, Systems Engineering, Information Fusion

  • Dr. Weng Kin Lai

    Tunku Abdul Rahman College, MALAYSIA

    Interests: Artificial Neural Networks, Swarm Intelligence (ABC, ACO, PSO), Image Processing, Intelligent Systems

  • Dr. Hosein Marzi

    St. Francis Xavier University, CANADA

    Interests: Computer Science, Engineering, Energy, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Decision Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Business, Management and Accounting

  • Dr. S. Moein

    University of Arizona, USA

  • Dr. Jeff Prevost

    The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

    Interests: Intro to Cloud computing, Programming Techniques for Cloud Computing, Analysis and Design of Control Systems

  • Prof. Jianbin Qiu

    Harbin Institute of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: intelligent and hybrid control systems, signal processing, robotics and their industrial applications

  • Dr. Mohammad Rajabali Nejad

    University of Twente, THE NETHERLANDS

    Interests: Safety Engineering, System Design and Integration, Standardization, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • Dr. Sayed Chhattan Shah

    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, SOUTH KOREA

    Interests: Mobile Cloud Computing, Edge and Fog Computing, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Internet of Things, Cyber-physical Systems.

  • Dr. Kambiz Tehrani

    University of Normandy, FRANCE

    Interests: Power Electronic Systems, Multilevel Converters, Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energies, Microgrids and Smart grids, Cyber Physical Energy Systems, Advanced control, Optimization

  • Prof. Fengchun Tian

    Chongqing University, CHINA

    Interests: artificial olfaction (electronic nose), machine learning, biomedical and modern signal processing technology

  • Prof. Feng Xu

    Hohai University, CHINA

    Interests: network security, cloud computing, and wireless communications theory

  • Dr. Zheng Xu

    Shanghai Polytechnic University, China

    Interests: wireless communications, CPS, mobile crowd sensing, big data

  • Prof. Wenjun (Chris) Zhang

    University of Saskatchewan, CANADA

    Interests: Deep learning, Automation, Robotics, Human factors in automation.

  • Prof. Xinpeng Zhang

    Shanghai University, CHINA

    Interests: image coding, steganography, data encapsulation, data compression, convolutional neural nets, cryptography, feature extraction, image classification, probability, cloud computing, face recognition, neural nets, security of data, Huffman codes, backpropagation, data protection, decoding,entropy, filtering theory, fingerprint identification, formal verification, image enhancement, image matching, image reconstruction, learning (artificial intelligence)

  • Dr. Junhui Zhao

    University of New Heaven, USA

    Interests: various areas of modelling and control of renewable/alternative energy systems, distributed generation sources, microgrid, smart grid, and power system stability.

  • Prof. Meng Yu

    Roosevelt University, USA

    Interests: Computer Security, Privacy, System security, Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Edge computing

  • Asst. Prof. Vishal Sharma

    Queen's University Belfast, UK

    Interests: UAV Security; Autonomous Networks; Mobile Internet Security; Blockchain Systems

  • Asst. Prof. Jongkil Kim

    University of Wollongong, Austrailia

    Interests: Network security including IoT/Edge compuding; Public key encryption; Software driven security; Cryptographic implemetation

  • Assoc. Prof. Giovanni Pau

    Kore University of Enna, Italy

    Interests: wireless sensor networks, fuzzy logic, intelligent transportation systems, network security

  • Prof. Francesco PALMIERI

    University of Salerno, Italy

    Interests: high performance networking protocols and architectures, routing algorithms and network security. The topics that are more specific for IASC are related to the use of soft computing, optimization and artificial intelligence technologies for solving challenging problems in the above areas.

  • Prof. Xiaojiang (James) Du

    Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

    Interests: Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Security; Artificial Intelligence (AI) Security, Machine Learning Security; Mobile Device Security, Wireless Network Security

  • Prof. Sherali Zeadally

    University of Kentucky, USA

    Interests: Cybersecurity; Privacy; Internet of Things; Energy-efficient networking; Computer networks (including vehicular networks)

  • Assoc. Prof. Ram Krishnan

    University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

    Interests: Computer and Network Security, Data Structures, C/C++ programming, Computer Networking.

  • Prof. Igor Kotenko

    St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS), Russia

    Interests: intelligent methods for cyber security, big data analytics, machine intelligence, attack graphs

  • Shigen Shen

    Shaoxing University, China

    Interests: Internet of Things, Game theory, Cyber security, Machine learning, Edge computing, Privacy

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Delhi Technological University, India

    Interests: Artificial Neural Networks, Modeling and Control of nonlinear dynamical systems, Soft computing, and optimization.

  • Changsheng Zhang

    Northeastern University

    Interests: evolutionary computation,financial data analysis, machine learning methods and their applications.

Editorial Advisory Chair
  • C.Nguyen

    Catholic University of America

    Interests: control systems; robotics; machine vision

Editorial Advisory Board
  • R. Aliev

    Azerbaijan Oil Academy

    Interests: Software Engineering; Artificial Neural Network; Artificial Intelligence

  • D. Andina

    Universidad de Polytechnic de Madrid

    Interests: Robotics; Pattern Recognition; Feature Extraction; Classification; Machine Learning

  • P. Angelov

    University of Lancaster

    Interests: interpretable (explainable-by-design) deep learning

  • L. Behera

    Indian Institute of Technology

    Interests: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

  • Z. Bien


    Interests: uman-robot interaction in assistive robotics

  • George A. Bekey

    California Polytechnic State University

    Interests: robotics; biomedical engineering; computer simulation; control systems; human-machine systems

  • H.‐C. (Josh) Chao

    National Ilan University

    Interests: Internet of Things; data mining; resource allocation; 5G mobile communication; cloud computing

  • C. W. de Silva

    University of British Columbia

    Interests: Multi-robot Systems and Applications including Homecare Intelligent Systems and Automation; Mechatronics; Integrated and Automated Design; Control Sensors, Actuators and Instrumentation; Automated Machine Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Repair

  • Y. Hata

    University of Hyogo

    Interests: Medical Ultrasound; Medical Imaging; Medical System

  • A. M. Madni


    Interests: Intelligent sensors; systems and instrumentation; wireless sensor networks; wearable sensors; computational sensing

  • R. Merzouki

    Polytech Lille

    Interests: Autonomous Vehicles; Control Systems Engineering; Mechatronics; Control Systems; Automation & Robotics

  • G. Muscato

    University of Catania

    Interests: mobile robots; autonomous aerial vehicles; control engineering computing; multi-robot systems; remotely operated vehicles

  • S. Nahavandi

    Deakin University

    Interests: learning (artificial intelligence); motion control; neural nets; Lyapunov methods; position control;

  • G. Parker

    Connecticut College


  • Dong Ren

    China Three Gorges University

    Interests: Face Recognition; Pattern Recognition; Image Processing

  • Edgar N. Sánchez

    CINVESTAV-IPN Unidad Guadalajara

    Interests: neurocontrollers; Kalman filters; nonlinear control systems; recurrent neural nets; variable structure systems

  • D. Tesar

    The University of Texas at Austin

    Interests: decision making; large-scale systems; Bayes methods; actuators; collision avoidance

  • E. Tunstell

    JHU Laure

    Interests: mobile robot navigation; autonomous control; cooperative & human-collaborative robotics; robotic systems engineering; applications of soft computing to autonomous systems

  • T. Yamakawa

    Kyushu Institute of Technology

    Interests: tumours; cellular biophysics; biomedical electrodes; cancer; Q-factor,

  • S. Yang

    University of Guelph

    Interests: Real-time sensing, navigation, and teleoperation of robotic systems Neural networks, fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, and intelligent systems; Sensors, Multi-sensor fusion, and signal processing; Intelligent control systems and applications; Systems modeling and analysis of various systems

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