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Advances of Computational Intelligence in the Internet of Everything

Submission Deadline: 31 August 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Prakash Mohan, Karpagam College of Engineering, India.
Dr. Nithiyananthan Kannan, King AbdulAziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Dr. S. Neelakandan, R.MK. College of Engineering, India.


The rapid growth of the internet and the proliferation of connected devices around the world has fueled the development of another intelligent technology known as the "Internet of Everything (IoE)," which connects people, processes, data, and things. Machine to machine (M2M), machine to human (M2H), and technology-assisted people-to-people (P2P) communication systems have transformed our understanding of "connected things," and created unprecedented opportunities for organizations, individuals, communities, and countries to realize dramatically greater value from networked connections.

Traditional modeling paradigms may be ineffective for a variety of reasons, including complexity, uncertainty, and the stochastic character of the processes. Intelligent sensing, embedded internet, edge computing, and predictive data mining pervade the physical environment, shaping engineering applications and improving human experience in real-time. 
Soft computing, often known as computational intelligence, focuses on the capacity of natural creatures to behave intelligently. It covers the theory, design, implementation, and development of biologically and linguistically inspired computational paradigms that incorporate learning, adaptation, evolution, and fuzzy logic. These algorithms have a tendency to approximate and generalize the solution to extremely difficult situations, resulting in solutions that are not particularly resilient. The primary goal of Computational Intelligence is to enhance natural intelligence in order to provide results that are comparable to those produced by humans. 
The goal of this Special Issue is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners working on Computational Intelligence technologies for IoT systems to share their experiences, disseminate successful IoT applications, and identify recent trends and opportunities that are poised to radically transform the IoT industry. We invite the most recent research on the design and application of Computational Intelligence algorithms to solve complicated real-world IoE challenges. It covers a wide range of applications from data analytics, pattern recognition, software, and system modeling, to intelligent control problems and biomedical applications.


Computational Intelligence in Cyber-Physical Systems
Computational Intelligence in the Internet of Things
AI-enabled Social IoT
Computational Intelligence in multimedia computing
Big Data Analytics and IoE
Privacy-preserving data aggregation
Intelligent security mechanism in IoE
Evolutionary Computation and Fuzzy Systems
Applications of Machine Learning in IoE
Applications of Deep Learning in IoE
Neural Networks applications in IoE
Intelligent industry automation and optimization
Recommender Systems in IoT
Use-cases of Computational Intelligence with IoE
Soft computing enabled innovative IoT
Computational Cloud networking with 5G
Computational cloud computing in blockchain technologies
Advances in Soft computing for next-generation systems

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