Special Issues

New Advances and Applications in Intelligent Control Systems

Submission Deadline: 30 April 2023 (closed)

Guest Editors

Mohamed Esmail Karar, Menoufia University
Omar Reyad, Shaqra University
Ibrahim A. Hameed, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Kamran Shaukat Dar, The University of Newcastle


The field of intelligent control focuses on developing control techniques and algorithms that seek to mimic key aspects of human intelligence. These aspects include the ability to adapt and learn, plan while dealing with system parameter uncertainty, noise disturbance and handling big data. Therefore, intelligent controllers are mainly developed based on the concepts of adaptive control and machine learning. Also, the methodologies required for the implementation of intelligent control hardware are accomplished by advanced sensors, actuators, computing technologies, and wireless communication networks, including internet of things (IoT). There are many real-world applications of intelligent control systems such as robotics, smart manufacturing, biomedical drug delivery and traffic control, based on several methodologies, which are neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic and swarm intelligence algorithms.


1.New theories, methods and performance evaluation of intelligent control systems
2.Advanced neural networks and fuzzy controllers
3.Machine learning and deep learning-based control systems
4.Wireless networked control
5.Automatic control using cyber-physical systems and internet of things (IoT)
6.Advanced control of manipulators and robotics
7.Bio-inspired optimization algorithms for auto-tuning control design
8.Recent intelligent control applications of industrial manufacturing and biomedical systems

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