Special lssues

Advancement of Machine Learning in Healthcare

Submission Deadline: 30 June 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Aman Dureja, GGSIP University, India.
Dr. Ajay Dureja, GGSIP University, India.
Dr. Vishal Khatri, GGSIP University, India.


As a theme, recent developments in the computational era, lots of images are generated and stored in the databases for the medical treatments and diagnoses in the medical healthcare field. This becomes today’s requirement for identifying the diseases, monitoring, and diagnosis of the patients based on the retrieval of most similar images from the databases. With the development of machine learning and deep learning of computer vision for recognition and useful for finding the most similar patterns, it is necessary to apply these techniques in healthcare.

Here, the major subjects for consideration are the novel approaches with the help of computer vision techniques in smart healthcare systems, and new advances in machine learning for use in the domain of medicine, and medical diagnosis.

This special issue seeks to present the most advanced and scientific developments in the field of machine learning and deep neural networks for health care systems. 


Deep Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Applications of neural networks in healthcare, Smart Health care systems, Medical Retrieval Systems, Healthcare System, Medical image processing, Multi-Classification. Computational Methods, Optimization Techniques

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